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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episode: 18th-19th May

Catch the Review of this Week's Episodes of SRGMP here!!

Published: Monday,May 21, 2007 10:40 AM GMT-06:00
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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episode: 18th-19th May

This week,we can say that performance-wise, the whole show was not so disappointing. Some of the contestants like Harpreet, Poonam and Musarrat were really good. But it looks like the drama is going to be a part and parcel of this show. Be it the mentors or the Maha Guru, none seem to leave any stone unturned when it comes to action packed drama. Himesh is as usual leading the drama enacting part and this time round looks like from “Topi”, he has made “Roti” as his slogan. Does it all sound rhyming (May be more because last time it was Himesh’s Topi all over the plate).

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SRGMP Critical Review of the Episode: 18th-19th May
The highlight of this week's show was again the exchanges between Ashaji and Himesh over what genre song Musarrat should sing. Himesh wants him to sing only Rahet Fateh Ali Khan’s songs while Ashaji was of the opinion that he should be made to sing other genre songs too. Both were right in their own position. Ashaji commenting that Musarrat should sing songs from the singers of other genre to become a versatile singer is correct. But if you see from the economic point of view, then even Himesh is correct in making Musarrat sing just those songs that suit his voice. Mussarat proved that he is versatile when he sang “Gulabi Aankhein”, a Panchamda number on Ashaji’s orders. I feel Ashaji and Himesh will prove to be great debaters if they make an entry into our Debate Mansion.

Ashaji carries lot of respect of the viewers. I feel its better she lets go of Himesh now. There seems to be a very strong vibe between Himesh and Ashaji and Ashaji should understand now that this behaviour of hers, towards Himesh will not go very well with the viewers if carried on for too long even if it’s scripted.

SRGMP Critical Review of the Episode: 18th-19th May

Ashaji has been giving advises to all the contestants as to how to improve. But the advice given by her to the eliminated contestant Amrita was in my opinion bit unwarranted. Her advice and the technical explanations as to how she needs to practice so that when she sings its not nasal, to me seemed like more of a dig at Himesh, especially coming just after the tussle between the two Gurus. And to add ghee to this heated fire and a little more fun to the show, Ashaji also tries to pull Himesh’s legs by singing Jhalak Dikhlaja in Himesh’s style.

The viewers had lot of expectations from the Pakistani Singers and Mauli Dave in particular. Mauli was not upto the mark on Friday but Saturday she made up for her Friday’s disappointing show. Mauli is the singer with the X-factor this time. Here again we have a controversy of Mauli singing only Item numbers, but seems that her performance is down-shadowing the controversy. The Pakistani singers did not disappoint too especially Musarrat. The surprise package were Harpreet and Poonam, who were really the best among this week’s contestants. Rest all were just maybe okay. Still below the mark as per this particular platform requires them to be.

Aditya is a good singer cum performer. But he still needs to work a lot as to the hosting part. This week somehow he seemed bit subdued. . He needs to more connect with the audience and contestants which is more important and is lacking.. The spark, the energy that he needs to bring into the show as host is still missing.

This week the contestants eliminated were Desh from Yalgaar Gharana and Amrita from Rock Gharana. As compared to others, these two were really disappointing especially Amrita. The judgement was finally perfect, as expected when it comes from someone like Ashaji.

Contact Writer: PM Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago thanx for the article!! it is justc too cool!!!

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ritzbitz @ritzbitz 16 years ago Barnali di, it was very well written and precisely covered the entire show .Aditya is just a replica of his dad..both vocally and in mannerisms. It will take time for him to get into his own style. But, needed someone experienced to handle the situation like the one we witnessed. Rest you said it all right.
looking forward to more reviews from you in coming days!!
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Abhijit Kulkarni @kabhi_21 16 years ago Its unfortunate that we get the episode one week late but the article is well written to include many aspects in neat manner..... thanks Barnalidi.... You are a really good writer

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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Wowww what a great article Barnalidi!! Sums up everything really nicely.. of course there was the drama but really liked Poonam, Junaid, and also Harpreet and Mussurat and Mauli.. hoping for a better episode next wk too!! :)
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Krishna @snowflake0555 16 years ago Great report Banrnali di!

In yesterday's episode, Poonam & Harpreet were the best but Mussarat and Mauli weren't that bad. I even liked Saberi's performence. Again we have the HR drama...But it was kind of rude for Vishal to ask for Mussarat to be put in his gharana...And what's up with the roti thing? First topi, now roti? LOL!

All the contestants did improove than Saturday but still they need to do better. Maybe in a couple of weeks, the contestants will sing wonderfully like the old SRGMP contestants...(Vinit, Hema, Himani, Nihira)
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Huzaifa Kaderbhai @kothra 16 years ago It was a such a nice episodes this week, But the war btw ashaji n HR still continued..
Well i feel ashaji soon should leave the show
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Guardian Angel
Minali The Great @Guardian Angel 16 years ago Thank you Barnalidi. I felt the performances of singers improved in this round. However, its still not up to the calibre of C2005. I also felt Poonam and Harpreet were good. What I liked about Poonam is that she was natural and not acting with mannarism while reciting the song.

As for Musarrat, I just read your comments and I too agree with them. If his strength is in one area he can develop that but can he also not sing songs of another genre. I hope the way HR is dealing with him does not penalize him from reaching the top for he is very talented indeed.
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Manish @ChameliKaYaar 16 years ago Wow...This is a new kind of thread.

Performance: Overall the performance has still not hit the gear that I am used to and expected. Probably a coupel more episodes before we startign hearing some real high quality renditions. A definite improvement over last week. Performers are learning to get over the jitterbug and stage fright.

Masala: This SRGMP is bound to have more masala than the last one. The only meek fellow on the show is Bappida. Rest 3 are going to muscle each other down. And this is just the beginning. I am expecting to see bloodbath as the show moves on. Walkouts, cheekh-chillahat, bad-blood, foul-mouthing, blame-game will be the order of the day.

Judges (not mentors): They will have a tough time keeping the judgement unbiased since the mentors will be forming group and will be taking side of each other shishyas until a poibnt when only 2 will be left to duke each other out.
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GK @gk_09 16 years ago Thanks Barnali Di. I was very shocked by Mauli's performance on Saturday. She was outstanding. Genres do play a big part, everyone should try a variety of genre but be an expert at one particular one.
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season915 @season915 16 years ago where do we find the video link for this program?
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