Sreejita's under-water experience..

Sreejita De recently shot for a series of Ssshhh …Phir Koi Hai where she had to do an under-water death sequence that literally took the energy off her..

Sreejita De, popularly known as Annu of Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah recently shot for a series in Star One's Ssshhh …Phir Koi Hai titled 'Seedhi Savitri' with Ali Merchant where she had a horrifying experience.

It is the story of a simple girl who accidentally gets drowned while holidaying in the beach. The sequence required Sreejita to shoot for an under-water sequence which showed her breathing her last.

But the girl was jittery to shoot initially as she does not know to swim. "There was a duplicate brought in to perform the scene, but she refused to get her whole body under water. So I decided to do the shot myself. But it was really a terrifying experience, as I felt that I will almost die in the midst of the shoot", explains the dedicated Sreejita.

"I had to go deep inside water, and stay there for quite a while. But I could not manage to be there for over 15-20 seconds; ultimately I ended up going inside water for nearly 60-70 times to complete my shot. This really took the energy off me, as we shot for this sequence for five continuous days. We shot at the Aksa Beach and I literally gulped salty water every time I went in", states the actress.

The actress is now relieved that she has finished shooting for the series. "I have been catching on lost sleep from yesterday. Also, my whole body is aching and I have a bad cold too. However, this has to be one particular shooting schedule where I literally cried after getting home, and feared to go back to shoot the next day", she concludes. 

Catch Sreejita's horrifying experience on this blood curdling episode of Ssshhh... Phir Koi Hai,
On Friday 17th April and Saturday 18thApril, at 10 pm, only on Star One.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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thats good ....good to see her back on screen

15 years ago

ya.everyone shud learn swimming..i wish her a speedy recovery..thanx 4 d article

15 years ago

swimming is a must
every one should learn
gud luck sreejita

15 years ago

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