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Splitsvilla gets stronger..

The second season of Splitsvilla on MTV reached its highest ratings ever last week...

Published: Monday,Apr 06, 2009 16:40 PM GMT-06:00
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The very successful second season of Splitsvilla on MTV reached its highest ratings last week with a 1.75 TVR!! The dating reality show of Colosceum has been doing really well on the Music channel and catches the youth of today by surprise!!

On the success, Ajit Andhare, CEO Colosceum said, "Most of our shows have good rating, and Splitsvilla is the property of MTV. They wanted us to come up with a one-of-its-kind dating reality show, and we came up with this concept. The rating says it all, and the show has caught on with viewers. We need to work more as Roadies is in its sixth season, while we have just reached the second".

When asked about the USP of the show, he states, "I think this is the first time that such a concept is shown on Television. We get to see the dark side of love with all the elements of romance too in it. The fact that the show is youth-oriented and is purely based on entertainment makes it more likeable".

We wish more success to Splitsvilla in the futureā€¦

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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dodosri @dodosri 13 years ago rather last season wasof politics......no one was in love everyone was fake..........this season is rocking....the competition for throne of king queen each time is vey good........
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sharu @wackysharu 14 years ago last season was amazin d gurls were all cute... this season is of wannabies... it sucks now...
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- @MoccoLatte 14 years ago Last season was way way better! this season seems like they all wannabies i can''t see any luv!
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parminder kaur @parminderkaur 14 years ago i like splitsvilla of last season but this time its just fake there r no love relations it is just a planning game and offcourse something is missing this time
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Sonam @sonam_s 14 years ago Splitsvilla is one of my favorite shows! I never miss it. Have seen season 1 and season 2 is even better.
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dmg_freak @dmg_freak 14 years ago i watch splitsvilla.....its interesting n entertainig.....bt tooooooo much of drama n politics n abusive fights!!! its quite vulgar in 1 sense.im forced 2 c da show as its always aired on mtv weneva i tune in my tv.
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spunkpattinson @spunkpattinson 14 years ago splitsvilaaa and roadiess ROCK big tymee!!
a whiff of fresh air from saas bahu sagaS!
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urbiiii @sweety_ursh 14 years ago splitsvilla n roadies are rockzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
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*king* @*king* 14 years ago this is the worst show on indian television currently. the makers r making a mockery of love. none of the contestants r worthy to be even hated forget love. the king wonders how this crap got such good ratings.

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sea_nyx @sea_nyx 14 years ago the entire concept is just too sick for words...are they even thinking of the message they are sendinng to thekids and the truth is if you check who actually watch these programs its pre-and early teens rather than the youth who can take it with a pinch of salt. and the long term effects will be disastrous
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