Sphere Origin takes over Mohe Rang De on COLORS..

Mohe Rang De, the period drama on COLORS which was produced by Deepti Bhatnagar is now be taken over by Sphere Origin...

Mohe Rang De, the period drama set in the backdrop of 1942 – the Quit India Movement that is being aired on COLORS every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 PM was a Deepti Bhatnagar Production, but now has been taken over by Sphere Origin.

“We do not have any idea what transpired between the channel and the previous production house. But it is true that we are taking over Mohe Rang De on COLORS now”, confirms Sunjoy Wadhwa, Producer, Sphere Origin. When asked whether there will be any change in the track, Sunjoy says, “No, we will continue from where they left. We are not going for any major change in track”.

We tried to get Deepti Bhatnagar on phone but to no avail. We tried to talk to the channel, but could not get anyone on phone.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Deepti Bhatnagar

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es show ka jawab nahi tha.......aur aaj bhi logo ki tadap dekhi hai meine es show ke liye...............meri shehzadi u rock n gavie kamaalllllllll
sunder jodi........samay rehte mein member nahi ban paayi afsos...........

12 years ago

the show is just awesome...both rajbir and kranti are awesome pairs and compliment each other very much...i hope that the beautiful story doesnt changes....

15 years ago

hey really a good serial, i m a regular viewer of it and found it quite impressive. Its going relly well and it has done alot of research from clothes to dialogues. GOOD WORK and MAIN LEADS ARE ABSOLUTELY SUITABLE.

15 years ago

Hope the serial wont lose its original essence and would love to see interaction btwn Kranti & Rajveer and Sanjay & Nirmal.

15 years ago

well...........hopefully they don't change the track. They make Kranti-Rajbir scene longer.......:)

15 years ago

i hope they dnt change the track its going great as of now!!

15 years ago

isnt dis show dat arjun bijlani is doin???

15 years ago

aren't sphere origin the makers of ballikha vadu too?

15 years ago

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