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Special: Interview with Television's Baadshah Rajeev (Part 2)

You heard Rajeev talk about his current role in Left Right Left in the first part of this very special interview. Now find out more...

Published: Friday,May 04, 2007 06:30 AM GMT-06:00
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By: Hiral Bhatt

India-Forums members have been waiting in anticipation to hear more from their heartthrob Rajeev - isn't it? Well how can we keep you waiting too long!!! In the first part of his interview, Rajeev spoke about his current project Left Right Left and now today Rajeev climbs the hot seat to tell you more about his working style, commitments and yes India-Forums!!!

So lets hear it from Television's Baadshah himself...

Special: Interview with Televisions Baadshah Rajeev (Part 2)

Rajeev tell us how does it feel when you take a break by choice?

I don't plan anything. I don't know what the results of a show will be. I do not make prior commitments and instead prefer to take breaks between my shows - you can see that I do have shorter projects, which keep changing every few months. From KTH and Time Bomb to Deal Or No Deal and Left Right Left - looking at all this, who knows what is next. I love trying out different things at certain intervals and make sure that I give my best and keep my audience happy.

What is one serial beside Left Right Left that you would love to be a part of?

Aek Chabhi Hai Pados Mein! Though I don't get to watch it regularly, I just love the show.

So what's next?

As I said earlier, I never make any commitments before hand. One should just take things as they come.

Besides Aamna, who is your favorite co-actress who would love to work with?

All of them are great! I know it is a politically correct answer but seriously all are great. Shweta has been amazing and Naina too is excellent.

Will we see more of you on Indian Television?

No! Not much....

You have been a part of I-F too! You have made a very special place in hearts of people everywhere....So, tell us how does it feel to get first hand comments/compliments from your fans from across the globe?

I was told by Bhaskar and Mrs. Branali about I-F. I truly appreciate people who come and give me their honest feedback. For me, I-F is a place where people appreciate my work as in fact I get most of my mails from India-Forums. People have been so kind and generous with their comments. It all comes down to human effort - many who go out of their way to send compliments. It has been simply amazing to see millions of fans who are crazy about you and the least I can do here today is thank all of them. I haven't been even doing 1/10th. of what they have done for me.

A message for your I-F fans....

I might not live upto your expectations but I will try my best. I wont say that keep liking me but instead I would like to say that like me if I earn it. I will always strive hard and hope to do the best!

Well India-Forums members it surely looks like you guys have created a special place for yourselves in Rajeev's heart. Hmmm well we are sure Rajeev's heart goes mmmm with all the love from his fans....

Writer: Hiral Bhatt
Contact Writer: PM anju0930
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sheela @Aamnakideewani 16 years ago hmmmmmmm WOW he si teh best yaar :) so sweet
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KOMAL @komalash 16 years ago I really enjoyed reading the interview...n I m happi that he luvz all the I-Fians...God Bless him..
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kitty @sriti 16 years ago i just loved rajeev answers ,he is so cute
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Sara @sara_naveed00 16 years ago Wo0o0ooww! Im soo happy that Rajeev luvs all of his fans!!!!
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farhina @farhina 16 years ago Raj u r such a darling..we do anything for u.....Bst of luckkkkkkk
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Visahnki Patel @vishanki 16 years ago awwwwwwwww!we luv you too rajeev...and we have a special place in our heart for you too...luv you always and forever
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NIDA @NidaRajeev 16 years ago janu Raj is truely a rockstar n sweetheart
luv u so much Rajeev!!!!!
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alyna @alyna 16 years ago that soo sweet of u raj..u will be alwayus b their in our hearts
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shareen @shareen 16 years ago We wont get to see more of him on indian television???Why????
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*dels* @*dels* 16 years ago Nice article! was waiting for the 2nd part!
He is so sweet!

*Will we see more of you on Indian Television?

No! Not much....*

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