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Sony's Waqt Batayega.. to end on - 30th October!

Dheeraj Kumar's "Waqt Batayega Kaun apna Kaun paraya",has been under the scanner for quite sometime now, but the time for it to shut shop has come now !

Published: Wednesday,Oct 29, 2008 15:53 PM GMT-06:00
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Sony’s prime time show Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna kaun Paraya is finally ending tomorrow.  Lead actor Payal Sarkar confirmed the same and says , " The show will be given a logical conclusion”. But she refused to divulge any details as she says, “ I think you need to wait and watch”. 
Sonys Waqt Batayega.. to end on - 30th October!
This Dheeraj Kumar show has been under the scanner for quite some time for low TRPs. There have been constant reports of it going off air ,but some how it kept on surviving  and was even given a limited extension which, by the looks of it, is now over too. A source informs us, “One of the reasons why it got the above extension was that the channel had earlier been blamed for taking off shows in a hurry”.  Payal also reiterates that the decision to end the show was taken in a hurry .“We just came to know 10-15 days back”. An another industry  source pointed out ,"These days a new coinage 'logical conclusion' has come around."


Payal accepts the fact that Waqt was plagued by bad luck from day one."I fell ill for a month " ,says she. On other reasons for the show not doing well , the actor quips  "Sudden changes , where the story  moved  from a family drama to horror show, did not help it any further to keep the audience hooked. And once you loose your viewer ship, it  never comes back. A daily show needs a certain amount of interesting plots which Waqt could not sustain on a regular basis".


Payal is already looking ahead " I have a few projects in hand,  let's see what materializes. You will be the first one to be informed, I promise”.

With this, the time clock has eventually come to a stop for Waqt!


Reporter and Author : Anil Merani
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 15 years ago y the family drama turned into horror is beyond. i quite like the show in the beginning but after the marriage it all went wrong.
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SamLuvsSaRun @SamLuvsSaRun 15 years ago Oh thnks..It was getting messy wid all the horror things
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maheen hanif @maheen55 15 years ago thats great news thank God this show is ending
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Lipsha @lipshaa 15 years ago Good. I don't like itz horror track..
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sabih abbasi @sabih 15 years ago haha this drama was good i likes it anyways no maater what :)
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pallavi25 @pallavi25 15 years ago Saurav and Rudra were a really cute couple. Too bad the creatives messed up the story and shifted gear to Rudras sasural and horror and punarjanam. RIDICULOUS!
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Esha @eshaaax3. 15 years ago well the show was OKAY at first, but then rucha came in, and then the horor stuff just ruined it, and i stped watching this show a long time ago.... well after the 'fake rudra' thing came in. im glad the show ende,
well all the best to payal............
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Crystal @-AMIGAIL-LOVER- 15 years ago I really like it the show before the horror track it was very good but then this horror it was not as good as the family track i am not glad that the show well end but i am not also sad its okay!! well just miss Saurav & Rudra!! HOpe i well see you again in e serial because you guys are good couple and i hope the next show that well air on Waqts time well be a good show!!
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Shanti @shanti05 15 years ago hahahahah another show axed !! Wah SONY Tusee great ho !!!
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rchu @i5hy 15 years ago well..since sony shows doesnt last more than a year normally this isnt a big surprise... my best wishes for all the ppl involved in the show:)
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