Sony's Sujata in for new twists!!!

Sujata will get a shock of her life when she sees Veeresh and Menka in bed!! What is in store for the dutiful wife Sujata?

Sony's Sujata is on course for some major twists and one such is that Sujata will see her husband Veeresh(Aman Verma) and Menka(Ravee Gupta) in bed!!

Sujata is baffled to meet Veeresh's mother after so many years… even more shocked is the harrowing fact that she has just 20 days to live, as per the predictions! While she is trying to cope with the prediction about her death she receives a phone call to say that her son Sam is in danger. Sam in the meantime is trying to hide in his bid to escape from the clutches of the drug peddler and finally meets with an accident and is unconscious. Sujata in her anxiety to fulfill her mother-in-law's dying wish & see her husband's success she pressurizes Veeresh to have the launch of Sara Creations immediately.

Sara Creations, Veeresh's most prestigious brand, is being launched amidst great fanfare with the industry's who's who attending it. This is the day Veeresh has dreamt about, the day when he will make it to the league as of one of India's finest entrepreneurs. The stage is set for the launch… in walks in Veeresh's business tycoon father & mother (Sujata invites them) to be a part of his eventful day. What transpires there was something both Sujata & Veeresh least expected. An angry Veeresh blames Sujata for messing up his future and his new launch.

Why was Veeresh blaming Sujata for the series of incidents at the launch? All she wanted was to see her husband's success. A completely dejected Veeresh breaks down before his partner Menka, who uses the opportunity knowing fully well that he is vulnerable. A distraught Sujata goes to meet Veeresh only to find her husband Veeresh in bed with Menka!

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Ravee Gupta

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Aman Yatan Verma

Comments (14)

OMG horrible....who needs enemy when there a friend like Meenka exists!

15 years ago

I think the predication of loosing identity is in this line where she will leave veerish..may be she will leave him and get a new identity..She may not die

15 years ago

aaaaaaaaaaargh..menka is plain horrible..Sujata needss to dump Mr.viresh shah and find a new identity for herself ...

thanks for the article...

15 years ago

poor sujata!
wonder how many more problems is she gonna go through!

15 years ago

ohhh god, menka!
how can you be so mean!
poor sujata!

15 years ago

that's horrible... how much more should she have to go through!!


15 years ago many problems in one persons life

15 years ago

feel Bad for Sujata... but nways dunt watch this show much so no comments=]

15 years ago

dont watch this show..but just read a bit at the top.
Sounds like a white soap!

15 years ago

discusting manka is such nasty what's goona happen to sujata. she only have 20 days left and on last momant she have to see this.

15 years ago

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