Sonam with Punit?

Sonam Kapoor is back in news. This time its for..

Sonam Kapoor is back in news. This time its for love.

nam is known for being a daddy's girl, however now, she has made a special place for another man in her life. The dainty lass, who owing to her classic doll like frame and perfect mannerism has often quorted controversies by link ups or bold statements and yet again she has stirred quite an hornet's nest.

Sources reveal Sonam has a close and cosy relationship with debutant director Punit Malhotra.

Shooting for Karan Johar's "I Hate Love Stories", the stunner seems to be quite sweet on the director Punit Malhotra. What's more is that the two are often seen hanging out, post the shoot of the film.

Punit, is a debutant director and is designer Manish Malhotra's nephew. As per sources, Punit was smitten with Sonam right from the time he met her to narrate the script. And with Sonam going out of her way to spend time with Punit, the feeling seems to be mutual.

Often spotted together at dinners, the two don't seem averse to going public with their relationship. But with papa Anil watching, only time will tell how this love story fares out.

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