Somewhere down the line, hatred from fans does affect me: Sayli Salunkhe aka Keerti of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Sayli aka Keerti of Star Plus show 'Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali' opens up on feedback by fans.

Sayli Salunkhe
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Star Plus show 'Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali' is gaining a lot of accolades from the fans. After a long wait, finally, Raghav and Pallavi have confessed their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Mandar has made a grand entry into their lives. The love birds will also have to battle the hatred of Keerti and Sunny. 

Keerti's character was initially positive, however, with the turn of events now Keerti is filled with angst for Raghav and Pallavi. She along with Sunny has vowed to spoil Raghav-Pallavi's love story. India forums got in touch with Sayli to know about her take on turning negative. Sayli said, "Honestly, I didn't really have a reaction per se on learning about the character graph. I was excited to explore the grey shade of Keerti. Keerti had initially connected very well with the viewers and they used to adore her. I was sure that post turning negative, people would hate Keerti."

She added, "I wasn't really skeptical about it because there're a lot of people and their expertise involved in shaping a character. From writers to creatives and producers work very hard for the same and I believe an actor's job is, to be honest to the script and give justice to the character."

We asked the gorgeous actress if the hate mails affect her. She said, "Honestly, somewhere down the line it does affect. I feel bad and want to tell them that I am just portraying a character and I'm not really that bad. But then, I try to take things in a positive stride and believe that the hatred for any negative character is the reward for their acting skills as it means that the actor is successful in making people furious."

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Comments (16)

Keep going never let u down with cmts

2 years ago

The more u r hated by fans, the more they feel connected with u😊

2 years ago

People are hating Keerthi means Sayli is doing her job very well! That's the success of a negative portraying actor when she receives hate from audience!

2 years ago

If fans hate Keerthi then, trust me you are doing a fantastic job. I really liked keerthi before now I don't but I still try to understand her. Don't be disheartened with hate msges, it's kinda a bonus when you do negative shade characters but the fans really need to differentiate between the off and on screen.

2 years ago

Sayli you are doing fantastic job.... It not easy to play a negative role and you're doing effortlessly i would say don't take bad comments to your heart and more thing people should understand that she playing a character that demands the story and what CV's want so they can dislike the character but not Sayli in her real life MHRW

2 years ago

Feel sad for Sayli...poor girl, people also just doesnt get the fact straight...its the actor, not the real person, who portrays these role.she is fab, in making those annoying faces, which no one can match her...didnt like the fact, they made her like that...but for story its needed..

2 years ago

Sayli is doing full justice to the character. Keerthi is just a character, people should remember this. Sayli is really doing a great job in portraying keerti

2 years ago

Sayali is potraying her character so well that we are hating her character in the show actually means it is a job well done

2 years ago

Love sayli haye keerti.

Mehndi hai rachne waali

2 years ago

Sayali is doing a wonderful job in portraying Keerthi, in being the blind in love, obstinate girl who is being manipulated. When we hate a character, then that is major credits for the actor. Sunny and Keerthi are those characters currently. Keep at it, villain game in mhrw is strong anyways. But nothing can break RaghVi in the end. Villains vs Love. Villains vs RaghVi.

2 years ago

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