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Smriti loses her mental stability, heads to a rehab center in Behenein

Star Plus' Behenein is headed for an emotional drama where Smriti goes mad and is admitted to a rehab centre...


Star Plus' Behenein, produced by Hats Off Productions is in for some emotional drama as Smriti (Shiju Katraia) is soon to lose her mental balance.

Smriti has been suffering from short lapses in memory ever since she gave birth to her kid. Things got worse when her mother-in-law Kamini (Dolly Minhas) took her little kid away from her. All of Mihir's (Sudeep Sahir) efforts to keep his wife happy goes in vain, as she gets hysteric in the coming episode.

According to our source, "Monday's episode will see Smriti losing her mental stability; she will get very aggressive and will ultimately go mad. There will be huge drama as her sisters and husband will be forced to admit her in a rehab centre. With this, Smriti's track will be shifted to the Rehab centre where she will have to go thro' the ordeal of getting treated. But things will definitely not be easy for her, as she will create more drama there".

"On the other hand, Purva (Aalesha Khan) will be concerned for Mihir and the little kid. She will again be in a double mind on whether to marry Amar (Ajay Chaudhary) now or not", adds our source.

With Smriti out of the house, Mihir will also be shattered and will not know what to do next. "The coming episodes will have some emotional scenes between Mihir and Smriti who comes to see her in the hospital", informs our source.

As per the buzz, Smriti will not be out of the show with this development. A parallel track of her in the rehab centre will be shown. And if our source is to be believed, Smriti is expected to recover fully in another 15-20 episodes, after which she will be back to her husband's place.

We called Shiju Kataria, who plays Smriti who said, "Yes, it is true that my track will soon change from the house to another place. But I cannot reveal anything than this".

Also, the three other sisters who till now bonded really well will start focusing on their individual lives, which will give rise to difference of opinions between them.

Let's get ready for some emotional drama in Star Plus' Behenein…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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KurbaanHua 2010-03-23T14:35:35Z This is just not hatts off production. I was looking forward to this serial especially with BBB finishing. This serial is horrible. Its so depressing and by the sounds of things it's gonna be even more depressing. I wish Hats off Production just concentrated on BBB and i wish they can make a serial like that again. It's very disappointing.
ArmaansGirl 2010-03-22T20:13:14Z oh gosh...i wnted happi moments..wnt more SaHi!! D:
@ sonia - ROFL!
priya_ 2010-03-21T09:03:20Z oh this is is full of tragedy.every ocassion ending in sorrow only.episode getting bored nowdays2010-03-21 09:03:50
-Dreamy_Girl- 2010-03-21T02:20:48Z i hope that purva doesn't get married to Mihir2010-03-21 02:21:06
sonia65 2010-03-21T01:41:20Z ..what a misleading titile,i thought smriti Inrani had lost her stability....
.shona. 2010-03-20T16:28:49Z nooooooooooooo purva shudnt marry mihir...plzzzzz im tired of sister marrying her sister's hubby -_-
-Imu.M- 2010-03-20T14:41:18Z
From the beginning, I always felt that Purva will get married to Mihir to take care of Smirti's baby, But i hope that doesn't happend. But i love this show, So i dnt mind, LOL
shorti21 2010-03-20T11:29:10Z @princ355, this is what i read. and if this happens, i am gonna quit watching.
princ355 2010-03-20T10:58:47Z please tell me purva is not gnna be a hero and marry mihir as it will make the dramam crap ...please i really hope amar and purva get married plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
.FALTU. 2010-03-20T08:14:30Z purva cant marry mihir, tahts just stupid
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