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Smriti Irani back on television..

Smriti Irani who has achieved an iconic status on television talks of her new show, on SAB TV..


Smriti Irani is back on television with her new show on SAB TV, After gaining immense popularity in Gujrathi Theater, the play is now being made into a TV show.

Here is Smriti in an exclusive interview to Telly Buzz..

How does it feel to be back on television?
It feels great. Basically I was on a political tour for the past five to six months. So it was a conscious effort to stay out, because it would have been too hectic to come in and out of Mumbai, shoot and go back to my tour. I am glad that I waited because I got an opportunity to do on SAB TV.

Are we going to see some changes in the script, now that it is going to be a daily show on TV?
The play was basically of a two hour format, but for the television series we have made certain changes like addition in cast. There were not many characters in the drama as we have in the show.

Describe the character of Maniben?
Maniben is from a village in Gujrat, where her husband is a diamond polisher in a factory. He gets successful and wealthy and comes down to Mumbai and lives in a posh locality with his wife. And what happens to the society after his wife gets there is what is all about.

What kind of a lady is Maniben?
Maniben is a lady who feels that even though money changes the lifestyle of a person, it should not change the character of the person. This is how she views the world and herself.

How is it to play a loud and comic character like Maniben after playing the comparatively subtle bahu Tulsi for so many years?
Well, I have done almost all shades possible as Tulsi. Tusli did have a funny bone till her hair grew white and then suddenly she lost her sense of humor (smiles). But I think audience has accepted me as an actor, and if you remember, I had done this show called Kuch Dil Se, where I was hosting the show with a big nine month belly when I was pregnant. To tell you more, I was the first Indian female anchor ever to be pregnant on screen and people did not mind it as they were bothered about the content. I think when I broke the glass here, that was a significant turn in my career.

Do you think you can repeat the success of your drama thro this show?
This play has been an extremely successful show in Gujrati theater. We hope to repeat the same success. But the only person who can predict success is God.

Your message to your fans on India-Forums.

If this is for India-Forums, then I would give a special message. I keep logging in and keep reading lot of stuff. I am extremely glad that India-Forums has given me constructive criticism and also support. My special thanks to all those people who come out with their swords trying to defend me whenever some little fellow from the press comes and creates a small controversy about me.

For Telly Buzz' Exclusive Video Interview of Smriti, CLICK HERE

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


Smriti Zubin Irani

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maheen55 11 years ago welcome back . i watch promos u r looking good and funny. all the best to u2009-06-14 02:02:18
kiran--madi 11 years ago maniben's rly funny....
da way she says her name!!!lolzz...
d.y. 11 years ago i never liked kyunki but tulsi is a good actor one of the best on indian television i hope her shows do well
gaganinder7 11 years ago missed you Smriti
all the best for the new show :)
sweety_ursh 11 years ago love smriti ji you are ausome actress you roxx
Lamia17 11 years ago Yay...I'm happy ur back I love n can't wait to c u again!!!
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*Devanshi* 11 years ago play was awesome to extent dat watching it thrice was not enuff for me and nw jz can't wait for it televised version. All the best Ma'am.. U Rock
-Yaz- 11 years ago awww I love her, she's one of my Fav Actresses

I admire her ..

glad that she's back on TV, otherwise i would have been seriously dissappointed that one of the Best Actresses are gone ..
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