Sizzling chemistry of Bhuvnesh-Preeti

According to recent reports, the lead pair of NDTV Imagine's Dehleez are seeing each other...

We have heard so many stories of actors falling for each other while shooting for shows. Well it's obvious as they spend large number of hours together.
The latest to join the bandwagon is the leads of NDTV Imagine's Dehleez, Bhuvnesh and Preeti Bindwani.

Our khabroo from the production house revealed that, "Recently the duo was shooting for a sizzling bedroom scene in the show. Their chemistry was super flop and had to take several retakes to get the sequence right."

"Initially they were not comfortable doing that scene and one could not see the chemistry between them. But after several retakes the chemistry happened in such a way that it stayed forever," adds the source.

The two are a couple? "Well for now they are very much together and off the screen also their chemistry can be seen," concludes the source.

Bhuvnesh had been linked up earlier also but nothing surfaced. Let's see now how long and strong this bond is!!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (18)

the serial is very boring n ndtv shud replace it wid sumthin nice if they want good trps in dat slot.. as it is other channels hav awesome shows in that time slot... they shud shift this to afternoon slot n bring in some nice show...

14 years ago

why did ndtv replace radha ki betiyaan with such a rubbish show

14 years ago

ewwwww.....wat chemistry??? chemistry my foot! I don''t see the C of chemistry here!

14 years ago

they look really bad 2gether can''t even see sizziling chemistry u r tallking abt all that see is an old woman and a boy standing....sry to say but it true.

14 years ago

sorry i would have to disagree they do not a share sizziling chemistry.......i dont think there is any chemistry...sorry...dont mean to offend anyone

14 years ago

I know yaar, what a boring serial, such a time waste! And the woman looks soo old, they have a dull chemistry. I think they are just trying to get higher TRPs that is why they are together lolz

14 years ago

i think the lead sucks to d core.. shes very ugly wid big parrot shaped nose

14 years ago

anything to get ppl to watch that broing show..*ouch*....LOLZZ


14 years ago

i dont find the girl so good, bhuvnesh had those cute looks,
anyways all the best

14 years ago

My God!!!!!
Cute couple:)
All the best!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

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