'Sita Swayamvar' in Ramayan on NDTV Imagine

Watch the Sita Swayamvar from February 25th to February 28th at 9:30 pm on Ramayan only on NDTV Imagine

Starting February 25th, watch the most awaited and grand moment in India’s greatest epic story Ramayan- The Sita Swayamvar! The most auspicious ceremony of this historic masterpiece, the Sita Swayamvar is being presented with utmost reverence and devotion. Don’t miss the special episodes starting Monday, February 25th to Thursday, February 28th on Ramayan only on NDTV Imagine.

When Raja Janak and Rani Sunaina find Sita playing with the Shiv Dhanush, which no man had been able to lift, they realize that only a prince who can lift the Dhanush will be her life partner. As per the traditions, all royal weddings are a swayamvar and many rulers and brave princes including Ram are invited to attend the ‘Swayamvar’ of Sita in Mithila.

As the many suitors fail to lift the Dhanush, Ram is determined to accomplish the feat which has been tried in vain by so many. When he presents himself at the court, Raja Janak is won over by his youth and beauty. Without any apparent effort, Ram lifts the Dhanush and bends the divine bow till it breaks! Overwhelmed at finally finding a suitor, Raja Janak gives Ram the hand of his beautiful daughter, Sita. After the splendid wedding ceremony is over, Ram and Sita return to Ayodhya!

Shri Ram’s life is dotted with victories and thrilling successes where he overpowers evil and blesses the good. In this journey of good vs. evil, he always has Sita by his side… as a wife and a friend, and an equal.

So don’t miss the grand Sita swayamvar in Ramayan from February 25th – 28th at 9:30 p.m. only on NDTV IMAGINE.
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here where the actor dhanush is related... its very funny...LOL

12 years ago

agree wid u di...dis is my fav scene in whole ramayana..

13 years ago

this was the masterpiece of this Ramayan

15 years ago

I think the serial as such is just ok.Some scenes are touching whereas others are totally plastic.But the one person who TOTALLY IMPRESSED me was Gurmeet Choudhary or Ram...Awesome looks, dazzling charisma and even more perfect suited as Ram as compared to Arun Govil who looked older. Does anyone please have his contact details or name of his fan club???????

15 years ago

IT'S a deep request to the INDIA FORUM admin group plz!!! make a development team at RAMAYAN forum !!!

RAMAYAN shud make an entry at the pic of the week segment at tellybuzz as it is gaining rocking TRP'S .

16 years ago

Wow, I don't want to miss this episode. I hope our wonderful videobies are able to post this video in the Ramayan section of I-F.

16 years ago

i hope tht RAMAYAN FORUM soon get it's development team & it wud be great if RAMAYAN makes an entry at the pick of the week as RAMAYAN IS doing great at the TRP CHART

16 years ago

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16 years ago

Looks good... but its hard to watch it without comparing it to the original series!

16 years ago

i am addicted to this genius magnum opus show,GURMEET(RAMA) IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO handsome & so is ankit(laxman) they both are doing fab job in the show,sita ji is also very beautiful ,& RAMAYAN is the trump card of NDTV imagine ,the show is doing great guns in the TRP CHARTS ALSO !!! I AM A GREAT FAN OF THIS SUPERB SHOW & IT'S SUCH A PLEASURE TO WATCH RAMAYAN !!!

16 years ago

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