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Singing Aspirations for Apoorva Agnihotri, post Kaajal

The final decision is out - Apoorva Agnihotri has decided to quit Kaajal. So what are Appu's new aspirations? Check them here..


The dashing Apoorva Agnihotri, who will very soon opt out of SET's Kaajal is toying with the idea of becoming a singer, "Yes, I love to croon, and the success of fellow Jassi co star Vikas Bhalla, who recently launched his latest album, Mehek Teri, has tempted me to take a plunge in the above art form" .Appu further says, "I have decided to make Vikas my guru and learn the fine arts of the above trade from him".

Coming back to Kaajal, what went wrong, "I just could not accept the upcoming reincarnation track, and besides, the 8 pm week day slot is not popular enough for a daily. The channel had initially promised us a 9 o clock slot, so it was a bit disappointing".

So what's next on the idiot box ? Apoorva has really no idea, "Like Osho said, walk into the unknown with a smile. Having said that, I would be quite happy to anchor a show, it can be anything, a chat or a reality talent show".

Author: Anil Merani


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addsb 12 years ago I'm really sorry for not thanking IF ...itna wait karvaya ki... I completely lost it, seeing his interview..itna excitement u see.. Thanks a lot IF.. love this site a lot
Sharmii 12 years ago Between I forgot To thank IF....

we have been pretty apu interview starved!!Lol!
addsb 12 years ago Even if it is a small one.. Atleast thodi tho rahat mili.. Man you made your fans interview-starved for quite sometime..
Anyways Best of luck for all ur future ventures.. May you get all the happiness and success you have ever wished and dreamt of... and singing not a bad idea at all!!!!!

vishakha 12 years ago He is a great actor. Wish him all the best for his singing career. He will definitely do good..
Rime 12 years ago reincarnation???? kaajjal
sharna2k6 12 years ago Apuuu! I'll miss you no doubt! But, all the best!
lily7 12 years ago Apurva good luck 2 you.Dubai z waiting 4 you.
SugarQueen 12 years ago All the best Apurva!!! U have a very sweet voice!!!
jyoti06 12 years ago I m sure this time he will do something fruitful on television..would love to see him sing or do anchoring on T.V..that will b really exciting to watch
TrustYourSelf 12 years ago Wow! Singing aspirations! i hope he' ll be successful in everything he wants to do!
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