Singers Vs Performers : Your Take on Indian Idol?

What is 'The'X-Factor that you are looking for in your Next Indian Idol; Singers or Performers!!

Its just under 50 days now to crown the Indian Idol, the ‘Bharat Ki Shaan’!! Every Saturday night gets melodramatic, painful and emotional as we see a familiar face go out of contention in Indian Idol.

Of late, it seems that a trend has been set in Indian Idol with great performers getting eliminated one after another. If you take a glance at the fabulous performers who have got eliminated in II3, firstly, we had the cool guy with lots of Attitude, the Charmer, the Performer and a Rockstar in the making – Suhit Gosain, lovingly called the Bhopal Express by one and all.. He was the first Terrific Performer to go out even before we entered the Gala Stage of II.

Next in running was the Chocolate faced Loverboy, the guy who caused riots on the roads with hoards of women running behind him, a fabulous performer – Parleen Singh Gill. With his exit, the whole nation came to a standstill and the Blogs on carried only his name…

Last week, we bid goodbye to yet another Prankster and Master Performer, the Don of Indian Idol, Abhishek Kumar…

Now with this trend of performers going out in II week after week, who do you think will get the stick this time? Do you think the radar will now fall on another Star Performer? Well, the girl who’s made all the men dance to her tune, the Diva with a charishmatic personality and a contagious stage presence , a Performer again, Ankita Mishra might be the next target… Will she be the next Performer to go out? Who do you prefer to be your next Indian Idol; A Singer or a Performer?

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (28)

in my opinion i don think prashant shd go..

16 years ago

in my opinion i think Puja should go and Prashant to stay

16 years ago

Ummm in my thinking..
i want ankita or prashant to go
bcz everyone in II3 is the best
and no one is bad they are also good
but thats not good enough cuz we
want the best...

16 years ago

i agree with desigrl27
n i think prashant should go....hes not sayin the words rightly but hes still in
i think he needs more training
much more!
n aankita is good but she wasnt good in the independance epi......n singers r suppose to b out if their preformance wasnt good before continuously na??
parleen was kich-ass
n so was abbhiskek

if emon is out next tehn II3 is gonna b a failier

16 years ago

Indian Idol is getting worse and worse. The Independence Day special was a total DISASTER!

16 years ago

i think it was a gr8 shock that deepali is out 4m indian idol she was the best singer n performer n deserve to go in top 3

16 years ago

ankita has the STYLE STATEMENT...but abhishek was the best followed by parleen and emon..but since both are out indian idol should be EMON b'se he's the best among the remaining lot..

16 years ago

Yes Parleen & Abhi's eviction was a big shock...they don't deserve 2 go so early...Ankita was not very gud so may be she'll go this time

16 years ago

I don't like Ankita she cant sing and she has too much attitude in her... in the wild card round they should've bought suhit back instead of ankita!! Yuck Ankita!!! >=[

16 years ago

I want a Singer who can perform little bit too.

Someone who mixes and balances the right doze of performance to a fabulous singing.

They dont have to dance, but their stage performance needs to connect. That can just ve a gesture to an eye movement to just plain singing which is out of this world.

Bottomline: Whatever done on stage should connect to its audience and not come across as fake.

16 years ago

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