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Simran Budharup of Pandya Store on trolls: They have been harassing me for a long time, demeaning my co-actors

Pandya Store's Simran Budharup spoke to India Forums about the recent ordeal where she took a stand against a troll and filed a complain.

Published: Tuesday,Jan 18, 2022 11:40 AM GMT-07:00
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Simran Budharup

Public figures are subjected to various trolls, and while it is a part and parcel of the profile they hold and the position they enjoy, just sometimes, things do get overboard and it is only necessary to stand against the same. And recently, Simran Budharup aka Rishita from Pandya Store was subjected to some rather harsh and mean comments, and they weren't for just her role.

India Forums reached out to her and we asked her about how does she deal with it and what has been going on right now. She tells us, ''Initially also, when the show started, I used to get bad comments because I used to like it, that they are not liking the character and I am doing a nice job at my role. However, gradually things changed and there are fan clubs or fan pages, they have been harassing me for a long time, demeaning my co-actors.''

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She adds, ''Mohit, he is new and he used to get so many comments about 'what kind of an actor you are' and 'you should die' and 'the show is working because of ShiVi' and all those kind of things. He was depressed briefly, and then these people started abusing and to Shiny, they sent 'tumhara rape ho jaye' and to me they send 'I am going to kill you.''

She adds,


These are small kids who are doing such things but I think it'll be wrong from our end if we keep taking it and then I decided to lodge a complaint and I want the person or these people to be exposed so that people don't do such things with anyone ever. There are ethics even on social media and kids have phones and parents don't know what are they doing.


Simran had also taken to social media to call our trollers. Well, social media is a strange place to be!

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Palak2812 4 months ago Again Abuse is wrong

But her character wasn't hated it still doesn't get hate.
It is one of the most loved characters.

Heck dude Shivi fans live her character and acting they may not like Shiny ki acting and character but her character Rishita is still loved.

Again Abuse is wrong but actors too need to start respecting fans.
Which PS actors definitely don't know to
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BlackWitch 4 months ago I think all the actors should get together and file these complaints. Cyber bullying and trolling are getting out of hand. Under the guise of anonymity, some fans think that they can say anything.

Giving rape and death threats over a freakin TV serial? Are you kidding me?! The kids who are doing this need to be punished and made an example of. Their parents should know what’s happening and where their parenting went wrong. Gosh, I can’t even imagine how heartbroken and ashamed they would feel to have raised such a child.

If people truly care about their fandom and it’s image, they should stand against such bullies on social media, instead of defending them. At present, all I see are justifications for the actors receiving such hate and wild theories, which is a form of victim blaming.
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