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Simpsons did it again! They PREDICTED Dany's 'Mad Queen' turn over 2 years ago

The Simpsons: 1, Game Of Thrones: 0


Apart from being the longest running animated show spanning almost 30 years, The Simpsons have been famous for one other thing. And that is predicting several future happenings back in time. From Donald Trump's election as the President to many other things, a lot was predicted-cum-written in episodes of The Simpsons back in time.

They have seemingly done it again and this time it is Game Of Thrones. The latest episode of Thrones has, once again, received immense flak and polarizing reviews for Dany's Mad Queen heel turn and destroying King's Landing. But The Simpsons, who has time and again spoofed Thrones in multiple episodes in the past actually hinted this wrath in an episode two years ago.

In the first episode of The Simpsons Season 29, which was titled The Serfsons, we saw The Simpsons set in an alternate reality that was pretty much a parody of Game of Thrones. There are White Walkers, Magic necklaces, and of course, Dragons. The trope is that in the end, we see the Simpsons look, as the dragon burns the city to the ground. Very much like Drogon razed King’s Landing to the ground.

Have a look at the clip of the same:

While it continues to be fascinating, it is still rather eerie, isn't it? Well, nevertheless, we love it.

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