Simplicity and Comfort is my style statement...

Jennifer Winget talks about Fashion in our weekly article on Fantastic 4's...

What is Fashion for You?

Comfort and Simplicity!

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What are you most comfortable in?

I feel good wearing a mini skirt as well as a sari. I choose the clothes I feel comfortable in, as I believe that when one is comfortable, beauty follows.

One accessory you can't go without?

It has to be my ring.

The things which are always in your Bag will be..

Perfume and Mint.

Who do you think is the best dressed person in telly world?

That will have to be Achint Kaur. She is stylist to the core..

Which color do you prefer to wear always?

Black and White.

Has your fashion sense changed from your college days to now?

Yes, it has drastically changed. In college, I was giggly type and I used to wear jeans and T-shirt with a tight pony tail. Now I am more into fashion, because my line expects that. We have to go out and meet different people, so we need to be concise about what we are wearing and I think change is a part of life. In the next 20 years, I will probably change again.

Who is your favorite designer?

Right now, Jerry. He not so famous, but for me he gives me the best and the attires that look nice on me.

Where do you pick your attires from?

I don't have a specific shopping place. I can shop anywhere. I can shop from a mall to a street. But I enjoy shopping in Malaysia and Bangkok.

Is there any fashion blooper you have made?

One such incident happened when I went to a party. It was basically a chilled out and I went there in a bridal dress. It was so embarrassing that I went to the rest room and removed the heavy accessories that I could.

One Outfit, you feel can never go wrong?

I think sari suits everyone and will never go wrong for any occasion. Once you know how to carry yourself in it, then you really feel great.

Do you have your own style statement or do you follow the trend?
I don't follow the trend, I just wear anything that looks good on me and will work.

Any fashion tips for your fans..

Be yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you find your self looking the best, then you’re all set.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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she is cute and smart as well in clothing choices , she is brilliant actress ..... x

15 years ago

she iz looking nice in black dress i like her performance too she iz a brilliaint actress

16 years ago

O she z such a sweet gal!

16 years ago

she is super gorgeous..and she's such a style all of her dresses!

16 years ago

i am impressed!!!
thanx for this.....

16 years ago

awww shez sooo simple....i reli like her! luved the tip

16 years ago

hmmm i like her well thanx for de article

16 years ago

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