Siddhart's emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss..

The MTV Splitsvilla winner and VJ breaks down as he misses his parents and family.

Cat fights and emotional break downs go hand in hand for Colors' most controversial show Bigg Boss Season 5. Likewise tonight's episode will see the otherwise strong new entree, Siddhart Bharadwaj breaking down.

A source narrates, "The upcoming task that Bigg Boss gave to the inmates was to update their facebook status and this is when Siddhart will update that he misses his parents very badly. Siddhart narrates to the inmates that he has been away from his parents since the past two years and there has been no connection with them since he chose this field against their wishes. He also opens up his heart and says that he is not from a well to do family and has never been to college, but today colleges invite him to judge and attend events. Seeing him collapse the inmates also uncontrollably joins his emotional situation."

Seems like there is still unity in this diverse home where emotions are concerned.   

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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rekhavy 8 years ago what a drama????Anybody who has a clear head will definitely know he is faking it..What all people will do just to have some money in their pockets..Shame on you,man...
shaf13 8 years ago iss k iss dramay se wht does he think he will b saved for long time no way its not going to happen he will b out of the show asap :-)
Shaina_b 8 years ago God he is so full of drama!!!!

shaf13 8 years ago bht bara drama baaz hai ye isko acting krni chahiye thi nautanki baaz hahahaha
gwynn24 8 years ago he's definately fun in bb house...n entertaining too...n smart... i hate amar, firstly, he thinks he's smart but always does the wrong thing...n he has no sense of humour...only knows to get pissed...n luves bitching
phadukaran 8 years ago Its not Entree, it's Entry, Entree is also knows as Main Course for dinner, lol
premer 8 years ago kya nautanki hah ye., faltu ka drama kr rha...
Sandy-Naz 8 years ago he called himself "mard" and said that amar is not "mard".i think he should look himself infront of mirror.infact i donot like amar also bt he has very good personality and body also.
and if he called him as his acts then lets see what will happen to him.
gungun 8 years ago oh dts a news
coz in splittsvilla he ws always boosting about hw rich is he and dt his house keeper wears bttr clothes then other housmate
nw nr evn being able to attend colej
god knws which statement of his is true
sunandshine 8 years ago Wondering which type of colleges must be asking HIM to judge eventsConfused
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