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'Shyam is a tailormade role for me' - Abhaas Mehta

Abhaas Mehta a.k.a Shyam Manohar Jha of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon? of Star Plus takes Tellybuzz’s Quick Grills this week…

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He is one character Fans love to hate. Read on to know what makes Abhaas Mehta tick...

Do fans confuse Abhaas for Shyam...I guess initially they did but not any more. I now get a lot of appreciation from the fans.

Favorite co-star on the set ... Pretty much everyone. But , if I have to name one then it is Akshay Dogra.

If you could have any super power for a day... I would love to teleport. See any place I want!

Your 'Takia-Kalaam' ( Often used phrase ) ...I generally end up saying ' I'll figure it out."

If you were not an actor ...I'd be a fitness trainer !

The biggest mistake of your life
... To give up Lawn Tennis when I had the chance to represent India in U-19 team.

What does your wallet have right now...Money , Visiting cards , some change , credit card and no photos ( Laughs)!

A role that is tailor made for you
...Now that I play Shyam I think I do it quite well. Other wise a dream role would be 'The Joker' in ' Dark Knight'.

Best pick up line used on you...None. I think people find me intimidating. I'd rather learn all this from Shyam.

Favorite season of the year...It is a furnace these days. I need respite - So, has to be Monsoons!

A weakness that is also your strength...I have this constant fear that I might not achieve all that I want to. So , I push myself to work harder!

Your guilty pleasure...I love Pizzas !

Where would you want to be at 50... Let's take this step by step. I 'd want to open my gym before I'm 30 and then may be have a chain of gyms by the time I'm 50.

Reporter and Author: Medha Parashar

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sushi-la 8 years ago a chain of gyms!! and a secondary dream to be a fitness trainer! you are a wonderful actor abhaas mehta! keep rocking as shyam! it amazes me how you can make such a twisted face when being coniving shyam on-screen...however yo do it, is certainly your secret to success ;)
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Parm. 8 years ago Obviously you are doing great in your role as we all love to hate you, lol!!

Keep up the awesome job as Shyaam!
Reply thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down
pams309 8 years ago you and Lawn tennis???????????? cant believe it!
how can anyone give up a chance of representing U-19 team??

what was your seeding btw?
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Kamal97 8 years ago Your the best villian out there!!!!!!! love you
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love9devi_maiya 8 years ago hehe! Abhaas, your so good at playing shyaam on IPKKND! you affect us all when we watch you! the more angry i get, the more you should be praised! and i can't say that for many [pretty much, no-one] :D stay cool! x x
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UV_Arshi 8 years ago you play shyam very well...you make it so easy to hate him!!! a perfect villain! haha..
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-shopaholic- 8 years ago You really rock as shyam! Love to hate ur character abhas! lol
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
-Ramya- 8 years ago oh dear, u r rocking as Sham needless to say you are doing fab job Abhaas.. bas need more screen space of your char
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
farah007 8 years ago east or west.. shyaamu is the besttt <3
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simplyme 8 years ago never spend a day without cursin shyam!! :-) so u r doin a fantastic job!! keep it up!!
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