'Shweta Tiwari is my idol in television' - Wasna Ahmed

Wasna Ahmed talks about her perfect date, her inspiration in the industry and much more in our weekly rapid fire special...

Your Nick Name: My entire family calls me by the name, Wasu. Nobody at home calls me Wasna.
You feel calm when: I am with my family.

The actor you are comfortable sharing screen space with: Shweta Tiwari and Pankaj, my co star in Shree. 

Your Secret Desire: I want my show to rock, and I am expecting a lot from this show. 
Plan a date with a Bollywood Actor: SRK and me on a white sand beach with white flowers all around us. SRK should be in a black suit with a red rose in his hand. Since I don’t drink, we should be served with only juices and a delicious dinner to follow.

Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam

Any Memorable Moment on sets: The first day of my shoot for Shree, where the whole unit gathered at Wahi.
The Song that is always on your lips: The song from Ghajini, Guzarish.

You Idol in the Industry: In television, it has to be Shweta Tiwari. In Bollywood, It is Sridevi and Madhuri.

Favorite Place: Has to be Kolkata.

Best Gift you have ever received: My Jiju recently gifted me a crystal star, and told me that this will bring me luck, and is for a great and better future when it comes to my career. That was a very touching moment for me.

The First thing you do once you get up in the morning: I say one line daily as soon as I get up. ‘Mera Din Aaj Ache Se Jaaye’, and I sit silently for at least half an hour before getting up. 

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Sonu Nigam

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Shweta Tiwari

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Comments (14)

Wasna u rockkkk.. shweta is really a mindblowing actress..!!

13 years ago

seems she is completely famliy girl...very cute

15 years ago

the name of the girl is weird
bt the show looks real intresting

15 years ago

she seems like a very calm person. Must have a lot of time on her hand if she can just sit for half an hour before getting out of bed! lol

15 years ago

wasi she resemble wid ur name yaar...
she is really sweet grl. man even dat is mine dream date wid srk

15 years ago

my family calls me wasu too hahah same name

15 years ago

I like her dream about SRK!!!!

Very cute!!!!

15 years ago

Didnt know she plays the title role....show seems interesting.

15 years ago

Cute interview! She has a nice dream date with SRK!

15 years ago

She used to play Dhara in Kasauti glad that shes back.

15 years ago

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