Shruti Seth prefers people over content

Actress-video jockey Shruti Seth says she gives preference to the people that she will work with more than the content of projects offered to her.

Shruti Seth at Opening ceremony of 14th Mumbai Film Festival

Actress-video jockey Shruti Seth says she gives preference to the people that she will work with more than the content of projects offered to her.

She has been part of shows like "Shararat", "Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand" and "Kyun Hota hai Pyaar".

"For me, the people I work with is more important. Even if the content is good and the people that I will be working with are not good, then I will not accept the show," Shruti told IANS.

"It shouldn't be like I am working somewhere and the environment is not good and I feel 'Why the hell am I here'. While doing TV shows, an actor spends 14 to 16 hours of the day shooting for it, so it shouldn't be that when I reach home I feel 'Darn, why did I choose to do it', once I reach home I should be satisfied and happy with what I have done," she added.

Shruti recently replaced actress Karishma Tanna to play Rani Pari in children's show "Baalveer". She will also be a part of Indian adaptation of US show "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", titled "The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir".

Shruti has been anchoring "Comedy Circus" for four years now. The participants on the comedy show are seen pulling her leg, but she takes it sportingly and feels even others should not take things seriously.

"It's a comedy show and the people there are meant to do comedy, so that's what they do. They act, they make fun, but there is nothing to feel bad about it. It's just a part of the show.

"I don't take it seriously because I know what I am and just because someone is talking about me doesn't mean that I am that kind of person. And it's not just for me, I advise others also to not take things so seriously," she said.

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Comments (27)

Love you Shruti Seth. You are the best host of Comedy Circus so far. Wishing you all the best. P.S: Really wish to see a rishta.com season 2

10 years ago

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13 years ago

Zeenat Aman wats wrong wit u?? I mean u r back after looong time and dat too in this type of movie??? Well well good luck!

13 years ago

wish the movie luck

and i really hope it opens up ppl's mind abt gay ppl. b/c there is nothing wrong with having ur personal choice and i hope ppl realize this soon!

13 years ago

i have nothing against gay people ..but if anyone does ..its not like ur being forced to watch it so chill :) but anyway.. is zeenat aman really making a comeback with this movie? hmmm....

13 years ago

Disgusting!!! Bwood is wana b Hwood!!! Makin India Gay!!!!!!

13 years ago

Dunno vhy...na jaane kyun? UGH! I hate it when they say the same thing but once in english and another time in hindi! -_- so not needed!

13 years ago

being half naked on a movie screen is ok...showing really lame scenes with people groping each other like their are physically starved is ok and Indian but being Gay isn't....that is just prejudice and if we look for culture then so many things must be banned. starting from MTV. But still thats all there but due to homophobia Gay movies are bad? I agree that this movie wouldn't work in India not because of Cultural issues but because of the close minded and homophobic nature of many people. people really need to step out of their cozy little pink colored glasses and see the world as it is, where people have a right to live their personal lives the way they think is right.

13 years ago

OMG r u serious only Gay community will watch this LOL
Straight People won't be Interested

13 years ago

this movie will not work for india. ppl created drama over just one kiss in dostana n this movie will be bashed and banned in many states. i wanna watch the movie n see how well they portrayed the whole issue.agree with Cuhrazy.Anisha

13 years ago

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