Shivin Narang Opens up on Beyhad 2's Sudden Ending!

Shivin Narang and Jennifer Winget starrer Beyhadh 2 has come to end! This sudden piece of news has shocked the fans of the show. This is what Actor Shivin Narang had to say on the sudden closure of the show.

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Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang and Jennifer Winget starrer Beyhadh 2 has come to end!  This sudden piece of news has shocked the fans of the show.

The news was announced yesterday wherein the channel decided to put an end to Beyadh 2 along with two other shows, Patiala Babes and Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein. And the show has been pulled off by Sony TV amidst the lockdown. Fans are upset with the sudden closure of Beyhadh 2.

Shivin Narang who chose to play the character of Rudra over the popular reality show Bigg Boss 13 says, "To be honest, as a team even we don't have the clarity yet. But considering the situation that we are in, anything is possible. Beyhadh 2 is a big brand , a show with its own huge following. Personally i feel its a finite show already reaching to its end , if we can complete the end that will do justice to the show and the viewers. But yes it's not only us, the whole world, the whole industry is also suffering, so we are ok with whatever the channel decides."

After four months of going on air last month, there was a rumor that the show will go to digital. However, the producer denied the news and then we saw a shift in the time slot from 9.30 pm to 10 pm.

Are you disheartened with Beyhadh 2's closure?

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Comments (4)

Sony has gone mad. How can they end an already finite show. This is ridiculous. We want to see the closure to the story. They should bring back this show post lock down

4 years ago

If Sony can do this to CID, the longest running and earning show for it, scrapping Beyhadh is nothing. However, does Sony actually air anything else than these three shows? lol.. scrapping them won't bring good to the channel. Idiots.

4 years ago

Sony can't do this with Beyhadh 2 viewer's. At least they give some time to end their shooting. Everywhere same situation that doesn't mean sony take such ridiculous decision.They should also think the audience

4 years ago

WHAAAAT the fu*k!!! Sony better not be doing this! At least give us the end we deserve as loyal and consistent fans. Sony is such a shit channel man, first they pull of CID, then they’ve been mistreating way too many shows. Beyhadd2 and especially MayRa have received a huge response and kinda made the channels online app popular. F U Sony!!!

4 years ago

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