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Shivaye to indulge into a fight with a Ghost in Neeli Chhatri Wale!

This weekend in Zee TV's Neeli Chhatri Wale, the storyline will revolve around the fight between the evil and the God.

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Garima Productions' Neeli Chhatri Wale on Zee TV is attracting audience's attention with its unique concept and each episode comes up with a new message or new drama.

The audience enjoys watching the show as with every episode the show comes up with a new message and new lesson. While in this week, there is another lesson which the show will be portraying to its audience.

The story for this weekend will be based on the God and Ghost while the ghost will possess Bhagwan Das father's (Mithilesh Chaturvedi) body who will start acting like a woman and then the God Shivaye (Himanshu Soni) will confront him.

According to the sources, "Bhagwan Das's father's body will be possessed by a ghost and he starts acting like a woman. Things go ugly when the audience will see Papaji dancing around the house like a woman this will make Bhagwan Das (Yashpal Sharma) and Bobby (Disha Salva) scared. Shivaye will take it upon himself to confront the Bhoot and will ask him to leave his body."

"The bhoot's motive is to destroy their house. Thus then Shivaye and the ghost will indulge into a fight to secure their house from the clutches of the evil, ends the source."

Well, it will be interesting to see how Shivaye win over the ghost!

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Aakruti Damani

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