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Shiva denies to become Raavi’s friend; Suman’s big sacrifice for Gautam-Dhara in Pandya Store

Gear up for an interesting episode of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Cast of Pandya Store.

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Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is riding high on success. The show is getting interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anita spoiling the cement by pouring water in it so that Dhara and Gautam’s room can not be made. 

In the upcoming episode, Dev and Shiva comes up with a plan and ask Dhara and Gautam to shift in their rooms. Dev and Shiva fight over giving their rooms to Dhara and Gautam. Krish states that Suman is the head of the family and she would take the decision. He goes to call Suman but Suman goes missing. The entire family gets stressed and searches for Suman but couldn’t find her. Shiva blames Janardhan for the situation while Rishita gets irked and takes her father’s side and speaks ill about Shiva. Raavi defends him.

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Suman returns to Pandya niwas and later it gets revealed that Suman sold her gold bangles so that Dhara-Gautam’s room is made. Shiva gets emotional on hearing the same. Suman consoles the family and states that their father stays in her memories which will never fade away and those memories are not reliable on any material things like bangles. Everyone gets emotional.

Raavi inquires about Anita to Prafulla, but she doesn’t give a straight reply to her.

Raavi confronts Shiva as he leaves to sleep on terrace. She states that Shiva is only trying to find reasons to not sleep in the same room. He requests him to forget what he read in the diary. She mentions that they can’t forget the bitter memories from past but can start creating beautiful memories. She asks him to become her friend but Shiva refuses to budge.

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Miss_SR 1 months ago It was a beautiful episode. Shiva-Suman scenes are always great, the ShiVi scene was amazing too.
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GrilledCheese 2 months ago I loved the episode! Shiva-suman and shivi scenes were fantastic
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 0
nafees5 2 months ago Loved today's episode. Hoping to see such good episodes more. Love KD and Alice as shiva and raavi in pandya store.
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Oeindrila 2 months ago ShiVi is ❤
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 0
Lavanya_456 2 months ago Today's episode is too good
Waiting for ShiVi's progression
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Roohani27 2 months ago Shiva and Raavi's story is going into the right direction slowly and steadily.💙 ShiVi
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down 0
Palak2812 2 months ago All aside but these IF people have gone super fast, yesterday's live pics in the article. Good Good
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Shivi_forever 2 months ago Love Pandya Store. Shivi's track is in right direction. Loved Suman and Shiva scene
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mpks1 2 months ago Finally ShiVa-Raavi story is taking a step in the right direction. Today’s scenes between them were very good. Now coming to Shiva-Suman scene. This bond has a special place in my heart. She has the closest bond with him compared to all the other brothers.❤️
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spdp 2 months ago Shiva-Suman scenes are treat to watch. Krutikaji as Suman is excellent, she manages to extract the best out of all in scenes with her. Kanwar matches her pace the best.

Shiva-Raavi are pure bliss! Looking forward to their journey.
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