Shiv Sena Wing protests against Bindass Big Switch

Big Switch, a reality show on UTV Bindaas, falls into trouble with the Shiv Sena...

A protest rally was today conducted by Charmadyog Kamgar Sena (A wing of Shiv Sena) which operates independently to protect the interests of the Chamar Community.
According to them the last episode of UTV Bindass Big Switch which aired on Saturday 14, 2009 at 7 p.m. showcased a boot polish task -  their concern is that the rich contestants doing this activity did not project the profession in a good light, which has resulted in hurting the sentiments of the people who polish shoes for a living.
The Chamadyog Kamgar Sena met the management of Bindass at UTV Worli office on November 19, 2009 and the result of the meeting was that Bindass will carry a ticker from the next telecast emphasizing that this is just an activity participants were asked to do on reality show and is in no way depictive of the actual work or the people who do it.

Heather Gupta, Channel Head, Bindass states, "We at Bindass are providing people with entertainment., the task in the show is intended to showcase the inhabitants of poorer areas of Mumbai in a very positive light. However if it has still hurted the sentiments of any particular community, then we would like to clarify people at large that we are a very  responsible channel and our intensions are never to hurt sentiments or feelings of any person or community in any manner."

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I guess Shiv Sena doesn't have much else to do

14 years ago

i guess the shivsena has much better and important issues to tackle with....
looks like they spend a lot of time in front of the idiot box....first was the 'kurbaan' back baring issue and second is this one....

that shows how they just sit the whole day doing nothing and get money from the government for just opposing and holding strikes!!

14 years ago

Honestly speaking Its very easy to
Pass the blame on..n on..n on..n on..n..on..n..yah u knw..lmao

15 years ago

Aur if they are sincerely concerned for humanity then
All governments should close down Cigarette manufacturing
yah..will they give up that huge chunk of commission?..hmmm

15 years ago

Everyone is after a piece of SRK
Par if his name can do some good..its all good
He is not an angel..par is not far frm being one
Because matter what anyone says
I love the fact he is down to earth..yah love him

Inshallah he will overcome his habit as he is capable
Just hope all his fans understand that its not something
He loves..its something he is unfortunately addicted to

He started smoking because..everyone in his school was
So..all fans should learn that most of the time
What everyone does..Or you think they are doing
Is not always..The right thing to do

15 years ago

such campaigns can be great help, if it really reaches the rurals. i myself coming frm rural area can say, such campaigns are need of time. they are never wastage of time.

15 years ago

Get a life, man !!

The whole world knows the disadvantages of smoking. Even then if people wants to smoke or should I say..teenagers wants to can't stop them !!

Doing this campaign and trying to spread awareness is not going to help. You'll just waste your money.

Plus all the biggies of B-town smoke. There's no point if they become part of this campaign and behind the doors smoke packets and packets of ciggaretts !!

Ramdoss...kisi aur kaam mein paisey lagao !!

15 years ago

smoking is a bad habit,and it kills...but that doesn't mean to put a ban on onscreen-smoking resolves the problem or encourage people to quit's the awareness that matters...but i think most of the smokers are aware of the bad effects of smoking already.was it very necessary to put a ban on arts?...that follows.. murder,rape,corruption,fighting,slang, these also fall in the list of the well...and one last thing...imagine Amitabh Bachchan without a biri in Dewar ...which he tosses to strike a fight with the mafia leader of the shipping dock...or imagine Devdas without the glass of wine...sound funny...doesn't it?...anyway...

15 years ago

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