Teri Meri Doriyaann: Yash aims to export the Junoon-e-dil diamond to erase any proof against him

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Yash plans to send the Junoon-e-dil diamond out of India, eliminating the only evidence against him.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's gripping episode of "Teri Meri Doriyaann," tensions escalate as Garry (Tushar Dhembla) bravely confronts Yash about the public scolding he endured. Yash, asserting his paternal authority, sternly commands Garry to leave, questioning Sanjay about Garry being a burden. Shockingly, Yash reveals his intention to remove Garry from his life once his destructive mission is accomplished.

Simultaneously, Jasleen lies in the ICU, and Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) shares the news with the Brar family. Sahiba, concerned about Angad's (Vijayendra Kumeria) injuries, updates the family on Jasleen's condition and the doctor's decision to keep her in the ICU until she regains consciousness. Angad, stitching his injuries, inquiries about the family's well-being, with Sahiba assuring everyone's health except his. Garry arrives at the hospital seeking Jasleen's whereabouts, but the family remains silent, urging him to stay away. Sahiba, hearing Garry's plea, rushes to him, leaving Angad wondering about her abrupt departure. Sahiba reveals Jasleen's presence in the ICU, adding to the unfolding drama.

Curious about Sahiba's sudden exit, Angad arrives at the hospital and explodes on Garry, blaming him for Jasleen's condition. Garry defends himself, stating he called the ambulance for Jasleen, but Angad's anger intensifies. Sahiba intervenes, preventing a physical altercation, and Garry leaves under accusations from Angad and Inder.

The doctor updates the family on Jasleen's condition, mentioning she is under observation, leaving Garry determined to confront Yash. At Yash's office, Garry takes responsibility for a mistake, leading to Yash scolding him further. Yash remains indifferent to Jasleen's condition, accusing Garry of sudden concern for a mother who faked her son's death. Yash asserts his authority, calling Garry a loser and denying him involvement in a crucial plan.

Meanwhile, Yash, with the Junoon-e-dil diamond, plans to hand it over to a client to secure his objectives. He excludes Garry from the plan, citing betrayal. Sahiba, suspecting Yash's possession of the diamond, reflects on his cunning moves in Angad's absence.

Precap: Yash reveals his sinister plan involving the diamond exchange for a substantial sum of money, intending to use it to keep Angad behind bars. Sahiba hints at an unexpected visitor for Angad, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next twist in this gripping saga.

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