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Shiny Doshi on marriage to Lavesh Khairajani: Getting married in real life is a very different feeling

Shiny Doshi spoke to India Forums about planning the wedding in a matter of 4 days, honeymoon plans, and more. Read about it on Platocast.

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Shiny Doshi

Popular television actress Shiny Doshi tied the knot on July 15 with long time boyfriend Lavesh Khairajani. The two had recently announced their engagement on social media and the fans were in awe. Lavesh had proposed to Shiny in January 2020 while they were in Vietnam and it looked nothing short of a fairytale.

India Forums got in touch with Shiny as she spoke about how did the wedding happen, what does it feel like to be a wife, and her vacation plans. Read the conversation here.

What went into the planning and how did everything happen?

We were supposed to sign on July 15, just the signing and we did not want to invite a lot of people because of COVID-19. We did not want to push it because my mother and his family were very keen. We were supposed to have a grand wedding later this year. It was on 6-7th July that we came to know about BMC shutting operations for a month after July 9 and hence, we had to prepone the date. My family had not even reached here. I had to call my mother and told her about the signing and issue and we will plan something on 15th and she also agreed, suggesting we can do pheras and everything on July 15. Those were also not decided before, we preponed everything and both our parents were like just the signing is not giving any feels, and let's just have the pheras, etc. Then everyone got convinced and also convinced us because we were keen on waiting for later. We couldn't invite too many people, so there were very few people who could attend the wedding and it was a nice intimate affair so people could give us their blessings. 

About her outfit and jewelry and the people...

I had to do all my clothes and everything right in 4 days. My best friends are very good designers, Anuradha and Nidhi, and they are my two saviours for that part of my life. I called Nidhi and said I don't know what am I wearing, etc, and even the jewelry etc, we got overnight. When Nidhi asked me what do you want to wear, I said I don't know, that is your headache, I am shooting and I don't have time because later, I am going for a longer break. I was shooting one day before the functions started, so it was a little hectic for me because I couldn't understand what to do, but as they say, unplanned things come up really beautiful and everything happened so nicely, it was really nice to have all my friends and family around.

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How does it feel like to be a married woman and what does the first day after marriage feel like?

When I woke up in the morning and while getting ready for the family lunch today, I had mangalsutra and also put sindoor from a sindoordani my relative gifted me, and that made me realize that, okay, now I am married. All those things give the actual feeling to a woman that she is married and I feel it was beautiful. 8th we registered, we did not even feel we were married, and till the time you don't do all these rituals, it doesn't feel like it. I have gotten married so many times on TV shows, but getting married in real life is a very different feeling, I can't express it because you feel so much for that person. Not doing it for the camera, and people being there, makes a huge difference.

What are your honeymoon plans?

I took a leave for the wedding already, so I can't plan anything this month. Maybe the next month or the one after, of course, we are planning a honeymoon but we've been waiting till the situation gets better and waiting for the second dose of vaccination also because you can't travel to certain countries. Once all that is in place then we can travel

Shiny Doshi

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