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Shefali Jariwala: I Think Shehnaz is Using Sidharth!

In an exclusive conversation, Shefali Jariwala spoke to us about her journey in the show, her equation with Asim, Parag's video, Shehnaz and Sidharth's equation and much more...


In an exclusive conversation, Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Jariwala who entered the BB13 house as a wildcard contestant spoke to us about her journey in the show, her equation with Asim, Parag's video, Shehnaz and Sidharth's equation and much more...

How was your journey?

Wonderful. I made friends, enemies, then again friends and I hope that I have won a few hearts as well.

You were regarded as one of the strongest wildcards out of all, what's your take?

I am happy that people gave me the title of the strongest wildcard. I tried my best in the entire season that I don’t pretend anything and to be the way I am in real life.

Do you think you would have gone farther in the game if you would have come in the start?

I think so too you know because when I was evicted and I came out, the makers were like if you would have gone from the start then your equations would have been different. If you enter the show in the beginning, your connections are stronger and alliances are very important in this game. 

People already have so many trust issues. When you go as wildcard, obviously you know people’s game but you can’t really strategize because you don’t know how will they receive you in the game.

Your equation with Asim had a downfall, tell us about it. 

Asim and I became really good friends. In the start, Himanshi used to stay away from Asim but then even she joined and so did Bhau. We four had a group, then Himanshi got evicted, then Bhau got evicted and only Asim and I were left. After that, there was a drastic change in Asim’s attitude.

Actually Asim has a pattern, he was earlier with Sidharth but then when we came, he ruined his equation with Sidharth. For us, he hurt Sidharth  then he did the same thing with me. I invested a lot in Asim, time, energy, friendship, efforts but he did not respect that. 

He started disrespecting and as a friend, I let go a lot of times but after a point of time, I felt that it is coming to my self respect. How can someone take me so lightly, that day I had a huge fight with Asim and I realised that he is not the same person who was my friend earlier. 

Parag posted a video about how he is angry with Asim calling him ‘Nalla’, what is your reaction?

So we call Asim, Nalla because he is fake. Asim is using the same things on Sidharth which Sidharth used to use on Paras.Those same words, fighting strategies, one liners, same things. And secondly, Asim fake smiles and also does fake friendship like he did with me and Sidharth. 

So we had a justification for Nalla. On what basis did he call Parag a Nalla? Is Parag a member of the house, does he even know Parag. Secondly, Parag gave him that happy news which he could have appreciated. 

When Parag entered the house, he was very cordial with Asim. He had disrespected me a lot and still Parag was very cordial with him. It is understood that Parag will then get angry and he reacted. 

You have closely observed Sidnaaz. What is your take on that?

Sana has flipped in front of my eyes. Because of her flips, no one in the house trusts her completely. Sidharth always had the gut feeling that he should not trust Sana but he had a soft corner for her. So he used to love her as a child, nothing romantic about it. 

I think Sana is using Sidharth. When she didn’t get Paras, then she flipped towards Sidharth and now towards Asim. I don’t think that this flipping is going to work, you will have to show some loyalty somewhere.

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sunshine890 2 months ago She is pathetic woma,infact she is the one who was using Siddhart for her game.Thankfully she was eliminated else she was already to move to Sid's bed.She was trying to take Sana's place in each aspect.
rehann 2 months ago Pagal aurat... she is sabse jealous of Sana... she is the one filled Sid against Sana... ghatiya... such disgusting women i never see... & she talk about loyalty... oh u might be kidding me!!! Bullsh*t
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