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Sheela Sharma aka Dadi in Rabb Se Hai Dua: Apart from being actors we’re human beings.

Sheela Sharma plays the role of Dadi in Prateek Sharma’s latest family drama Rabb Se Hai Dua.

Published: Thursday,Dec 29, 2022 08:15 AM GMT-07:00
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Sheela Sharma

Sheela Sharma plays the role of Dadi in Prateek Sharma’s latest family drama Rabb Se Hai Dua. The actor is happy with the positive feedback around the show. Audiences are also showering love on her character.

“People are loving the characters, the present story and the show. The title itself says so much and viewers are gradually getting glued to the show. I am very happy about it. Whoever has watched the show they have told me that it’s a feel-good show. All the characters are very strong and well defined,” she says.

Sheela connects very well with her onscreen avatar. “My character here is different from the ones that I have played earlier. Dadi is a nice, sweet and caring soul. Sometimes she is grumpy and dominating and wants to be heard. It’s a very strong character and I feel very much connected to it because once I get into the character the performance also comes out very spontaneously,” she adds.

About how easy or difficult it is for her to get into the skin of your character, she shares she does not feel any pressure. Rather, she enjoys the process.

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“We actors perform so many characters in different shows and therefore know our job pretty well. I have been performing for so many years now. I started with Rajshri Productions. The moment we are told about the character, it gets into our mind and heart. I had Muslim neighbours and they had a big family so I recollected my childhood memories while playing this role. It did help me play Dadi better and also get into the skin of her personality,” she says.

Actors often speak about how easy or difficult it is to dissociate from the characters they play. Sharing her take on the same, she adds, “Apart from being actors we are human beings and have a regular normal life. We have our families to get back to. Of course our schedule is quite long but as soon as we come out of the studio, we need to switch back to our original self. Acting life is absolutely different from the life which you are living. I get back to myself, I come back home, meeting my family, cooking for them and looking after them gives me a different kind of happiness and that is what matters.”

Is it tough to play a Muslim character onscreen because they have a certain tehzeeb in the way they behave and speak Urdu? “Of course they do have certain norms and disciplines. The respected language which they speak is something that I would like to adapt in my personal life because it sounds nice and makes a person feel good. It’s always nice learning something new. Urdu is a beautiful language and I am still working hard to master it. There are so many languages and religions in India and there is so much to learn and grow. I feel that tehzeeb is something that everybody should learn,” he ends.

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