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She is definitely not my friend: Sreejita De on fellow Bigg Boss 16 contestant Tina Dutta

Sreejita De who is all set to embrace the journey of India's biggest reality show Bigg Boss 16 got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums right before she entered the Bigg Boss house. Read on to know what Sreejita has to say on her stint in the show, her sweet and sour bond with Tina Datta and a lot more.

Published: Monday,Oct 03, 2022 03:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Sreejita Dey and Tina Datta

There were a lot of speculations around Sreejita being a part of this season of Bigg Boss. Well this time around as the actress has finally given a nod and has decided to enter the controversial world of Bigg Boss, the actress, right before entering the house got in an exclusive chat with us and answered a few questions.

Srijita, your name has been associated with Bigg Boss previously too. What was it about this season that you finally decided to enter the Bigg Boss house?

It was actually my fiance Michael who motivated me and helped me overcome my fears of staying away from my pets, my house and everything I am close to. Michael helped me overcome my fears and underconfidence, further making me believe that I can do it and that if I am approached for such a big show I should give it a shot.

The audience of Bigg Boss is always drawn towards controversies, love stories, fights and fun. What do you think is the element in you that can connect with the loyal audience of the show?

I believe apart from romance, the audience always connects to entertainment. So what the audience will connect to from my end is the entertainment factor. Because I will make sure that I entertain the audience of the show. I am a human and possibly, I too can lose my calm. However, I will make sure I have a lot of fun and thus entertain the audience.

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What is it about Bigg Boss that you as an actor and a contestant love the most?

As an actor, you play characters that are written for you by script writers, which we definitely enjoy.  However, your fans and your audience have never had a chance to witness the real you. And for that, Bigg Boss is the right and infact the only platform that can help people know you upclose. It is like you are your own script writer, you write your own character and show it to the audience. So, this is what I absolutely love about Bigg Boss. 

What is that one thing that triggers you the most. Something that can cause an outburst for you in the Bigg Boss house?

Stupid people. Honestly, stupid people really trigger me. People who do not want to listen, people who do not let me complete my conversations and cut me mid sentence, they trigger me. 

Srijeeta, when you're entering the Bigg Boss house, it ofcourse becomes easier if a friend or a colleague too is entering the show with you. With Tina Dutta entering the show along you, how happy are you on knowing that a familiar face is entering the Bigg Boss house with you?

Honestly, I am totally unaware about who all entering the Bigg Boss house with me. And in any case if she is entering the show with me, she is equivalent to all the other contestants for me, Because, she definitely is not my friend.

Do you think Tina and Srijeeta's sour friendship will take a sweet turn in the Bigg Boss house or will turn even more bitter? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Sreejita De Tina Datta

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