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Shalin Bhanot: Bablu Thakur's Gun From The Red Land Talks More Than His Tongue

Actor Shalin Bhanot who is currently seen in Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush got candid about his new series, The Red Land


Actor Shalin Bhanot who is currently playing Ravana in Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush recently made his digital debut with Gemplex India’s web series - The Red Land. The series produced by Vivek Srivastav is based on property disputes and casteism and also features Flora Saini and Abhimanyu Singh in prominent roles.

In a candid conversation with India Forums, Shalin shared his excitement about his debut into the digital space, his character from the series and a lot more.

What is ‘The Red Land’ about?

Red Land is a story based in UP where racism and casteism are still very much prevalent in some parts. It is about youth and college politics, showcasing cultural and racial differences between different castes and how people want to become more powerful and strong.

How would you describe your character from the series?

I’m playing Bablu Thakur, who is the heir of the renowned ‘Thakur Family’. He is very dynamic, straightforward and powerful, his gun talks more than his tongue and won’t hesitate while killing someone. At the same time, he is very good at heart, respects his family’s value and has a lot of affection for his family and people. He is protective of his brother and can’t see him hurt.

Why did you choose a new platform like Gemplex for your digital debut?

I chose the character. For me, what is important is the role I’m playing and the dynamics of the story is important for me. Every platform has their own audience. So, the only important thing for me is what I am I doing in it, am I contributing substantially to the content which is being made? And this is the reason why I liked the series and I have never played a Benarasi guy. This role was very intriguing for me because this guy is not negative but not all good also. And portraying this kind of character is very rare these days. So, I chose this character and I also loved the storyline, the plotting has been amazing.

There are people and several bodies seeking for censorship on digital content. What is your opinion on the matter?

Every medium has a flavour, it is meant for certain audiences. When the programming of every channel started, it was meant for ladies. All the housewives who are sitting at home and have just cooked their meals want to see some good content, it was meant for them and that is why daily soaps were more about ‘Saas-Bahu’. The web is a platform which caters to much different audience and not meant for saas-bahu. It is meant for people who are young and want to see edge content, that's the basic purpose of web content. If you stop that completely then the logic of web show is gone as you are not doing anything different from other platforms. So, I don’t think censorship is required.

How do you feel about Dalljiet’s early eviction from Bigg Boss?

I’m very sad as I didn’t expect Dalljiet to come out so soon. I was hoping she would be there for long. Winning and losing is a different thing but I really wanted her to be there for long at least. I’m happy that she is back to Jaydon and now, he has his mummy back. So, I’m happy!


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