Shaleen-Daljit go 'down under' for honeymoon

Shaleen and Daljit finally get to go for their honeymoon which has been long overdue!

Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Kaur got married almost half a year back. But one of the cutest pairs of television unfortunately couldn't escape to their private paradise immediately after their wedding.  One of the reasons being Shaleen's commitment to do Imagine's Do Hanson Ka Jodaa.

Shaleen is happy to announce the couple's plans for their honeymoon. "Yes, I finally convinced the production house to give me some days off and soon we will leaving for Australia," says an excited Shaleen.

Shaleen elaborates, "We will be going to Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Great Ocean Dive  and Mount Buller. I've heard this mount is covered with ice almost always and I can't wait to visit."

"We chose Australia because it's a perfect mix of nature and adventure. Apart from the usual things on the list I have planned some surprises for Daljit. I'll hire one of the sports bikes and take her on a ride. I'm planning to book one of the few luxury villas and indulge her," says Shaleen brimming with happiness.

"We didn't get to take off for our honeymoon right after our wedding. But now I feel the wait has been worth it,"signs off Shaleen.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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rahmona_pakswe 10 years ago They are so cute and adorable!

All the best to both of them and I hope they have a lovely time together.
Rose-Petals 10 years ago All The Best To This Newly Married Couple for Their Honeymoon....
rozia 10 years ago awww i''m glad they've got time to go now
haajoo 10 years ago really shweet
hope u two always br 2gether
-.Priya.- 10 years ago awww sooo cuteee.........all d best to u shaleen n daljit
r07c 10 years ago U guys are so adorable, luv u. Have a blast in Australia!!
sweet_angel27 10 years ago Aww these two are adorable and daljit is so pretty! :)
CoCoa_19 10 years ago that's very sweet....enjoy and have a blast
zara_11 10 years ago That's good , their a great couple and great dancers.
masin 10 years ago aww thats soo cute! but now tht he's mentioned his surprise plans in this article....what makes him think his wifey won't find out! :P
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