Shahid and Genelia on their 'Second Chance' in life..

Star Plus' Tere Mere Beach Mein on September 5th will focus on Shahid Kapur and Genelia's second chance in life after umpteen failures and rejections...

Star Plus' one-of-a-kind talk show hosted by the versatile Farah Khan has been received well by viewers and critics, and this shows in its remarkable opening ratings. Dealing with socially relevant topics, Farah Khan brings out the happiest, saddest and never-before known facts of celebrities in the very interactive show.

This Saturday, September 5th at 9 PM, Tere Mere Beach Mein highlights the journey of people who've had second chances in life after umpteen failures and rejections. Bollywood actors Shahid Kapur & Genelia D'souza talk about the difficult and tough times they have faced with host Farah Khan.

Do you ever know that Shahid Kapur was initially rejected by Ken Ghosh for the movie Ishq Vishq, as he felt Shahid had no body??

Well, this is a fact and the rest is history. Farah Khan's extensive research on Shahid brings out this uncovered aspect before one and all.

Talking about being rejected for his first hit film Ishq Vishq by director Ken Ghosh, Shahid reveals, "The first time I met Ken, he said I had it all – talent, looked good – but said, "Tumhari body nahi have potential but try harder!" So I was very upset and one could take such comments positively or negatively!  I took it upon myself that I would work towards getting a better build and would get a better body!"
He adds, "God has his own ways. The film got stuck for a year with the producer rejecting Ken's final draft. A year later I was sending my pictures to various advertising agencies. By then, I'd become popular with an ad and a music video and somehow my pictures reached Ken. He wanted to know if it was the same guy he'd rejected and he called me when my assistant confirmed it. I told Ken with attitude that I wouldn't do an audition!"
Ken agrees saying, "When I first met Shahid, he was a good looker and dancer but very thin..Six months later, Shahid came to me showing me his biceps saying, "See, I have biceps and triceps, I'm working out! He was perfect and we signed him for Ishq Vishq."

Even though Ishq Vishq gave Shahid a great platform in the industry, things indeed looked bleak for the actor who suffered flops after flops after tasting initial success. But then, lady luck gave him a second chance as Sooraj Barjatya's Vivaah happened.

However, as Shahid puts it before Farah, "A spate of failures had pulled my confidence down, when I had begun shooting for Vivaah. This is where Sooraj Barjatya's pep talk really mattered. He said, There's only one thing that can take you ahead and that's talent and you have that in you! I was unconvinced and gave one shot and then saw it on the monitor and I said, "I've given a perfect shot. I know my work! I used to just focus on my work and these months were the turning point in my life. But the most difficult phase was after Vivaah was a super hit, I was at home for six months without work! I got some 60 film offers but none inspired me".

All this and much more revelations from Shahid Kapur & Genelia D'souza on Saturday, September 5 at 9 pm on STAR Plus' Tere Mere Beach Mein

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i cant wait to watch it! omg shahid looks so cute in pic9. LOL! he's adorably cute! (L)

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Oh God! Cant wait for this! I can tell you without doubt I'am gonna love this episode and the last episode.

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14 years ago

he's looking sooo good in his new hair style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG they look adorable together
can't wait for this!!!

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OMG!! shahid iss loooking soo cute!! he adorable! they look good together :)

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Im totally lovin' Shahid's new look..but im sorta iffy about genelia's hairstyle and the dress a.k.a red garbage bag she's wearing..i thought she was a younger version of mahima chaudhary when i first looked at the pics briefly..she looks different..and yes they do look nice together..cute jodi :)

14 years ago

wooow......... not missing this episode!!!! shahid luking soooo cute!!!

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they look so cute together :) and I am loving shahid's new look

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Love ShaElia! tooo much..They luk so cute together!

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