Shah Rukh's 'Zor Ka Jhatka' for Salman..

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen taking a dig at Salman Khan in the inaugural episode of Zor Ka Jhatka..

Shah Rukh Khan we know is all geared up for his comeback on television with Imagine's new reality show, Zor Ka Jhatka launching on February 1st at the 9 PM slot.. 

We hear that the inaugural episode of the show will have SRK taking a dig at Salman Khan, who hosted the recent season of Bigg Boss on COLORS.. 

An insider tells us, "Going by the concept of the huge balls used as hurdles in the adventure sport, Shah Rukh in the first episode was heard repeating the dialogue 'Welcome to Big Balls', imitating the style in which Salman used to say, 'Welcome to Bigg Boss'". 

What's more? SRK expresses that he is excited to have his 'Kabreena' beside him, just as Salman has Katrina with him!! 

Oh well, do you want to know who is SRK's Kabreena? Well, she is the vivacious and talented ground host of Zor Ka Jhatka, Saumya Tandon.. 

Our khabroo goes on to say, "Shah Rukh would use the line 'Kisike paas Kareena hai, kisike paas Katrina hai, par mere paas Kabreena hai, indicating to his smart ground host"..

Well, we are so looking forward to being entertained by SRK and of course, his Kabreena too!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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uzma.sid 9 years ago shahrukh khan is damn complex personality usko karan johar k sath hi rahna chiay kabreena b wo karan johar ko hi kehra hai
Salman khan is far more better than SRK ....... EK TOU WIPE OUT AUSTRALIA KI CHEATING KRLI n TRYING TO HIT THE SHOW SRK IS USING SALMAN AS A LADDER ........ Srk grown up n be a Man n BEING HUMAN :)2011-02-05 03:11:16
maaniqra 9 years ago love you so much..........................SALMAN and SRK superb my rocking stars.... love u love u love u soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz take care and all the best.

destiny11 9 years ago kinne vehle ho tussi jo eho jehiyan news banade rehnde ho.......lol.....Salman is anyday better as a host than Shahrukh......2011-02-03 07:24:51
salimagrg 9 years ago omg iam loving this show i was laughing n laughing n srk was just awesome he was rockingggggggggggggggg
Phrozen 9 years ago i dont believe the news .... n btw Salman is the better host... the ratings of the shows they both have hosted prove the latter! there shudnt be any comparison between the two actors but cant ignore the fact tht Macho Man Salman is the better host... I dont say it the show ratings do!
chahat4u 9 years ago SRK trying to be a hit on TV, with indirect support from Salman Khan!!! great. just proves Sallu is better host.
surabhivk 9 years ago i dnt think srk said ol dat just to take a dig on sallu!! yaar every1 noes dat srk is so funny n witty....he said dat just 2 entertain ol of us...SRK ROX!!!! luv ya shah!!
salmankhanrulz 9 years ago srk n da show organisers know dat every1 likes salmans style so they will try to imitate salman...nething dat is connected to salman gets fame
nscutie 9 years ago @sexy pink- he jus joking here...none of d line mentioned above is degrading salman...its d media whu came up wid d conclusion here...he said katrina and kareena..if he wanted to degrade salman he wudnt hav said kareena...d names r lil bit similar...
n seriously dont fall for all dis guys...its jus created by media...don cal him a looser..coz url are loosers who believe nething written in print2011-02-01 07:46:00
sexypink 9 years ago Shahrukh is jst a publicity piece... Its nt dat salman is da best buh he neva degrades shahrukh at public places. If it ws a matter of script as if he is illiterate, he can read nd say dat he doesn't wnt similar dialogues as salman cz he doesn't wnt 2 create differences or msundrstndngs btwn hm nd salman...
I totally agree wid bips all stars act lke babies................................
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