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Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha are excited for upcoming leap in Kumkum Bhagya

The show’s makers are all set to pack in an exciting new punch that will turn the worlds of Abhi and Pragya upside down - a 2-year leap with a complete change of Bhagya for both Abhi and Pragya…

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Kumkum bhagya

Zee TV’s top-rated weekday primetime drama Kumkum Bhagya has been a family favourite for audiences across India for over 7 years now thanks to its intriguing plot, surprising twists and turns, authentic portrayal of some truly iconic characters like Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia), Pragya (Sriti Jha), Rhea (Pooja Banerjee), Ranbir (Krishna Kaul) and Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar). Currently, even as the wedding drama between Abhi and Tanu has viewers hooked, the show’s makers are all set to pack in an exciting new punch that will turn the worlds of Abhi and Pragya upside down - a 2-year leap with a complete change of Bhagya for both Abhi and Pragya…

Recently, we saw how Pragya convinced Abhi to get engaged to Tanu so that the latter takes back her case against Abhi. In the meanwhile, the Mehra family is battling against time to find evidence that proves Abhi’s innocence and stops the marriage from happening. However, in a twist of fate, viewers will see Pragya meeting with a near-fatal accident and going missing in the penultimate episode before the leap and the narrative will fast-forward to two years down the line. As an all-new chapter unfolds post-leap, audiences will see how Abhi is a far cry from the dynamic and dashing, super-ambitious rockstar he once was! Abhi seems to have taken life’s biggest debacle to heart, lost all his money, and is a dejected drunk who sings only occasionally to fund his addiction. On the other hand, in a parallel space, viewers will see Pragya in an all-new avatar as a powerful figure in a multinational company, thus adding an altogether new dimension to her character. Pragya’s transformation from a demure, simple, unassuming, next-door look to a strong, assertive and authoritative corporate professional - composed and self-assured on the exterior but with pain in her eyes will leave her fans awe-struck! To find out, stay tuned to the 2-year leap coming up on Kumkum Bhagya on 18th June.

Talking about the leap, Shabir Ahluwalia said, “I’m proud to be a part of the Kumkum Bhagya family entertaining audiences as Abhi for seven years now and I must say that the upcoming leap is going to be one of the most significant, exciting developments on the show. While we’ve had a 7-year leap and a generation leap in the past, this one will literally turn our lives upside down and leave our fans astonished. The whole wedding drama will end on a cliff-hanger with Pragya meeting with an accident and the show taking a two-year leap. In the new chapter, I will be seen as a dejected man who’s lost all his passion in life. He will be seen as a fallen star with no money and no interest in fixing his life. Initially, his family was everything to him, but now he is least bothered and doesn’t care about anything but himself and his compulsive need for alcohol. To find out what could have possibly led Abhi to this state, viewers will have to wait and watch our upcoming leap!

Sriti Jha also added, "The leap holds a lot of excitement for our audiences as Abhi and Pragya's bhagyas are all set to change completely. While Abhi will be seen as a broken man who's taken to the bottle, viewers will see my character turn into a powerful corporate professional at a multinational company in another country. I look forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to the leap."

While Shabir and Sriti are all geared up to essay the new dimension of his character post leap, Abhi is all set to face a lot of challenges. What brought him to such a self-destructive mode? Will he overcome his addiction and reclaim his lost glory? What turn of events resulted in Pragya becoming a powerful figure at a multi-national company? How will he react when he sees Pragya in her new avatar? 

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piya2025 2 months ago Wait but how old are they? In the show I mean? Abhi tak hair safed nahin hone chahiye the kya?

This is so annoyingly funny.
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Love_Indian_men 3 months ago Forget the leaps, What I want to know is that why does Pragya not learn to back up her phone or at least share the video evidence with other people (Prachi at least) - Twice in this Tanu Rape saga, she has lost the evidence from her phone - unbelievable. What am I saying? This is Ekta series after all - Pragya will make the same mistake again several times in the future. Boy, I feel better now.
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ReemShah 3 months ago Tanu vamp in the show has not gone yet---she is still holding hope that the guy becomes her
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ReemShah 3 months ago after so many leaps---the actors havent aged a bit and are become more modern--wth is that
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ReemShah 3 months ago I am still thinking what keeps this show running?
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Grey-licious 3 months ago WTH this show is still airing and who the hell are still watching this show and the same old repeated drama
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sanyoprithviraj 3 months ago Pragya has made so many career changes in her life and here people have difficulty in getting a single job!!
what was her original job, does any one even remember that, i think she was a teacher/professor?? right
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reeeh 3 months ago Seriously? This Tanu thing is still going on?? Full long 7 years??!!!!
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Sritishabir1 3 months ago Sriti Shabir new looks 🔥😍🔥 Sriti's outfit, hair and everything🔥 Abhiii 😭
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Guneet80 3 months ago Just end this show already, same old crap for years now
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