Shaan trashes Mika

Things are getting pretty heated up on Star Plus’ Music Ka Maha Muqqabla as Shaan insults Mika…

Star Plus and Saibaba Telefilms' Music Ka Maha Muqqabla seems to be controversy magnet …

According to our source, "Vidya Balan had come as a celebrity guest on the show to promote her film Ishqiya. Mika surprised everyone by saying that he considers Vidya as his sister. Don't know what got into him but he persuaded Shaan also to go his way. This was followed by another surprise where Shaan refused to do so. Everyone was baffled with Shaan's reaction!"

Adds the source, "Shaan later cried. No, not because Mika punched him but because of Anvesha and Debojit's performance. This is where a truly shocking thing happened. when the duo sang on the evergreen number Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina. Mika came to console Shaan in spite of getting offended by him."

The source further tells us, "Apparently, it was Debojit's wife's birthday on the same day and all the captains sang for her."

Catch this episode of Music Ka Maha Muqqabla on Star Plus this Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 9.30pm IST.

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Can any1 pls explain What this article implies?? Beats me !!!

14 years ago

what is the point of this? i don't get it. sometimes I feel like trashing india-forums for their stupid articles.

14 years ago

Thanks!!!! I was trying to figure out what this article was trying to report

14 years ago

Lol thank god Iam not the only one who did not see the point of this article...

14 years ago

Hahahah.. where is it leading.. how stupid.. attention-seekers!!!

14 years ago

what's d topic abt ? what has been written ?

@@#$%^&* is what i understood....

hahahahaha..... me 2 confused...

14 years ago

lmfao...good to see everyone is as confused as i am...

14 years ago

"Shaan trashes Mika"
dumb title

14 years ago

Shaan did not do anything
we need better author

14 years ago

wat de hell? lolllllllll wats de pt of this article??:-s stupid author needs to get english classes for sure!

14 years ago

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