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Seven housemates booked by Bigg Boss..

Seven housemates were found violating the rules, and have been put in the danger zone by Bigg Boss..


COLORS' Bigg Boss 4 will go thro' another nomination phase in tonight's episode!! But it's going to be tough for the viewers this week, as seven housemates have been put in the danger zone!!

Yes, you have heard it right!! As per the rules of the Bigg Boss, the inmates need to follow certain instructions and can be punished royally if they do not abide to them. In the case of the seven nominated contestants, we hear that they were seen plotting and scheming against one another and if this is not enough, they were spotted discussing nominations.

Our source informs us, "The seven housemates who were found guilty and booked for nominations are Manoj Tiwari, Hrishant Goswami, Rahul Bhatt, Veena Malik, Shweta Tiwari, Seema Parihar and Aanchal Kumar".

Other than the nominations, viewers will witness yet another cat fight happening, this time between Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari.

According to our source, "When Salman Khan had entered the house last night, the inmates got the luxury of enjoying a great meal. The inmates decide on having the left over food when Manoj Tiwari refuses to have it as he does not want to eat non-vegetarian food. He tells all that he would make something out of eggs for himself. This makes Dolly wild, and she argues with him and asks him not to make anything new and eat the left over food like others. This makes Manoj angry and he yells at her saying the kitchen is not owned by her father, and that she has no right to talk anything. This leads to a big fight between Manoj and Dolly".

Meanwhile, Sara who has enjoyed the luxury of being in the secret room for few days will get back into the house tonight. Her comeback will bring about a mixed reaction in the house. While the new love birds Ashmit and Veena are happy, Hrishant does not like Sara's comeback.

Catch the new twists and controversies in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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WooHooHaha21 9 years ago omg!! nooo.. i dont want any of the above to leave!! i thought dolly would leave but now i have a doubt that veena's gonna leave this week!!
sidlover4lyf 9 years ago huz gna go ithink seema should stay and shweta 4 a lil longer and hrishant hes a backstabber so dunno bout him and veena uff flirts with ashmit all the tym shes groase manoj is two faced and rahul goes on any side and aanchal too quite so i really DUNNO WATS GNA HAPPEN!
chahat4u 9 years ago good Sara returned. NIce that she is safe.
ramita_nayal 9 years ago uffff dat means sara is safe for this week too....cant tolerate her in bb:(
Shaina_b 9 years ago Sara and Dolly should be out!!!!

-ParidhiHolic- 9 years ago sara go out baby jst get out plzzzzzzzzzz
karan.jh 9 years ago sara coming backk ...
ohh nooooo soooooo sadddd ......[lzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nooooooooooo
GodsGift2earth 9 years ago Well i agree, Dolly is very badameez woman .. and not even entertaining.

I hope raja chaudry will enter bigg boss so, he can teach her a lesson before she gets kicked out off the house
mada007 9 years ago Dolly should have been nominated - however if Goswami goes that would be cherry on the cake and the biggest shocker :)
minitandon 9 years ago Dolly is a nuisance.The show is no more worth watching. Her fights are disturbing to the viewers. We are seriously considering stop watching the show.Dollys fights disturb the sleep and gets us into tension.Please withdraw her or soon you will loose viewer ship. She has crossed all limits of decency.
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