Science, But Make it Fashion: Presenting The 'Periodic Table of Style'

We gave National Science day, a spin. While science has improved quality of life, and blessed us with innovations, no doubt, we at style desk thought of shaking up periodic table and give it a touch of fashion. Yes. Science, but make it fashion.


Today as India celebrates National Science Day, honoring physicist CV Raman and his discovery of the change in wavelength of light, we at the style desk of India Forums rejoice the occasion by re-imagining the scientific periodic table of elements. What if we tell you that certain elements from the periodic table have been existent in our fashion choices. Read on to believe and think of it as our way of celebrating the Science day. 

The chemical element silver on the periodic table goes by the symbol Ag. It is seen here in the form of Aamna Sharif's silver gharara suit. A silver sequin repleted kurti, off-set with a net flared bottoms. 

Chemical element, Cobalt that goes by the symbol of Co is found in earth's crust. Seen here in the form of cobalt blue saree as worn by Anita Hassanandani. The royal cobalt!

Calcium , the chemical element that goes by the symbol Ca is referred here in the form of a milky white suit, donned by Nia Sharma. The cool calcium!

Chemical element called Carbon that goes by the symbol C is seen here on Sanjeeda Shaikh in the form of a jet black lehenga choli. Intense!

The alkaline earth metal, Radium that goes by the symbol Ra is seen as Surbhi Chandna‚Äôs neon green dress. Luminescent green! 

Going by the symbol of Au, gold the element of periodic table is here in the form of Avneet Kaur's golden embellished dress. Go gorgeous in gold or just go home!

Which of these looks are your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below.

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crazylove100 3 months ago Nia Sharma the lovely princess you are the best
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