Say Shaava Shaava gets its Top Three...

Meet the finalists of NDTV Imagine's 11 day reality show, Say Shaava Shaava..

The penultimate episode of Say Shaava Shaava sees the elimination of Divyanka Tripathi, thereby giving the reality show its 3 finalists – Sumeet Raghavan, Apurva Agnihotri and Juhi Parmar. The gorgeous actress Kaajol is the celebrity guest to grace tonight’s episode.

The stage is now set for a royal Final Battle tomorrow, where the musical notes of the 3 finalists will be tested by the esteemed judges Karan Johar and Simi Garewal for one last time. The winner will be chosen purely based on the judges’ marks in tomorrow’s Finale.

So are we ready to take to the final lap of the 11-day marathon? Who are you rooting for? Will Sumeet’s singing prowess take him closer to the coveted trophy? Will Apurva be able to beat the best in the business? Or will Juhi’s slow and steady race take her past the winning line?

Catch the Finale of Say Shaava Shaava tomorrow, 31st January 2008 only on NDTV Imagine..

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Karan Johar

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Simi Garewal

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Sumeet Raghavan

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Juhi Parmar

Comments (14)

Oh no, Divya sang rly well yesterday, she's out :( But so happy she made it this far... yay!

congrats to the other three, thanks for the article!

16 years ago


thanks for this

i am so happy that juhi is is top 3

she really deserved to be there

congrats to all 3

wishing all 3 all the best


16 years ago

poor her....but hope apoorva wins!!!!!!!

16 years ago

awww poor Divya! but the competition was tough!

16 years ago

all the very very best my cutest and my sweetest loveliest Apu jaanu..
really hope you win :-D

16 years ago

well done Divyanka u made it this far im proud of u but i really wanted u to win

now i want apurva to win gud luck to all top three


16 years ago

congrats to the top 3!

well done divyanka! i'm proud of you that you've got this far in this contest. you sang really well yesterday!

16 years ago

i glad div was top 4...but i guess juhi is the better singer...the real battle is btween sumeet n juhi i guess....apoorva wont lat..thtz wat i think

16 years ago

I didn't like Div losing to Juhi...but well, I'm glad she made it till here...
And I'm really happy that the final results will be given by the judges...

16 years ago

juhi is there in top 3 wow
she deserves to be in top 3
hope she wins
all th ebest to her

16 years ago

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