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Saurabh Tewari quits Imagine TV

Saurabh Tewari joins hand with BAG Films to Launch his Film & TV Production company Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd’

The ever changing fast paced Hindi GE industry is set to see major changes with noted Head Honchos quitting in the recent past. Saurabh Tewari, Head Of Programming – Fiction, put in his papers at Imagine TV as he gears up to venture into the business of Films & TV Production. Saurabh Tewari & Abhinav Shukla have come together to launch Film & TV Production company 'Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd', which is backed by Media House, B.A.G Films & Media Limited, and believed to have picked a significant stake in this new venture for an undisclosed amount

Saurabh Tewari had joined Imagine TV, the flagship Hindi GE Channel of Turner General Entertainment Networks India Pvt. Ltd as Head of Programming – Fiction, a year ago. A noted name to reckon with, Saurabh Tewari has over a decade of experience in media and entertainment industry. Breaking away from the clutter of Saas-Bahu sagas, he was the brain behind unconventional shows like Gunahon Ka Devta, Chandragupta Maurya, Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo, Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto, Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishna, Uttaran, Balika Vadhu, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Bhagyavidhaata that got rave reviews from viewers across the length and breadth of the country.  Prior to his move to Imagine TV, he was Associate Vice President and Creative Director at Colors and played a pivotal role in the launch and subsequent success of the channel.

Confirming on his new venture Saurabh Tewari said, "Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd is a long awaited & great opportunity and the company has serious plans to create innovative yet mass content.  Being a story teller, I have always thought of venturing into something where my expertise can come in handy and with the new company in place, Abhinav and I would put forward our best effort to live up-to the expectation. 

A Bachelor of Arts from Lucknow University, Saurabh began his career directing ad films.  Since then he has worked with a variety of television production houses primarily as a writer which have given him a completing understanding of the creative & production business. In 2006, he moved to Zee Telefilms as Assistant Vice-President of Programming for ZEE TV where he was instrumental in growing the market share of the channel. In late 2007, he moved to Viacom 18 as a part of the start-up team for the launch of Colors. In his role as Associate Vice President and Creative Director, Saurabh played a key role in the launch of the channel and was involved in creating and designing the entire line up of fiction shows for the channel. 

Adds Abhinav Shukla, "Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd would be another effort to establish a strong contender in the market, which would deliver interesting content in TV and Films both. In last few years, TV & Film viewership has changed and audience have accepted new approach of programming. And, we hope that with new initiative we can also bring a difference and make a mark in the Industry. Partnering with Saurabh is the strategic move as he knows the pulse of the Indian audience. Saurabh and I would like to thank Anuradha ji to have extended her support in this endeavuor

Anuradha Prasad, M.D, B.A.G films Pvt. Ltd said, "BAG Films have always thrived to create quality content and this is our another step towards it. I congratulate Saurabh and Abhinav on this new venture. Saurabh's creative talent coupled with Abhinav's strategy planning will surely take Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd to greater heights. My best wishes are with them in their endeavour."

The Company 'Nautanki Films Pvt. Ltd' will be focusing primarily on developing its business in Film and Television production in the dynamic & fast growing market like India, with two film projects all set to go on floors early next year. With B.A.G Films acquiring substantial stake in the company, their strategy is to create and deliver popular, high-quality programming to consumers globally.


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aparna4karanika 8 years ago i thnk imagine will pick up nw..get rid of d channel mr tiwari...nevrr ever dare to cm back.U bloody idiot go to hell...y u r leavng nw?? Cdnt u wt fr imagine 's complee fall??hmm may be u gt enuff frm rakhi na?? Stuid... Ds s india forums so am nt using anythng more..n remeber u dnt deserve any good thng in u life
superdil19 8 years ago great news
my mood is too much happy
time for dancing
Fishfish 8 years ago It seems he has not stuck around anywhere for more than a year, so does not speak highly of him, has he left or have been asked to leave???
ST786 8 years ago @ Its LIFE & Bharti: Ya... i m paid same u guys are... Bharti every body knows whom u work for and ur sanskars and all... who pays u on monthly basis or daily basis... Actually all of us know that people on India Forums are all EPs from production houses who r on pay roll. So stop putting up this facade...2011-10-02 10:32:52
.Vrish. 8 years ago Imagine TV, Please end Rakhi's show, and show CGM either on weekdays or weekends. Move BAVD to 7pm or 7:30pm. Ask Sagar Pictures to be more authentic and take more seriously DBSK, if they want it to stay (e.g. don't try bumping off Rukmini) Fill up those emptied slots w/ good serials, not just ones that focus on marriage or on how a woman's true role is being a mahaan self-sacrificial girl, like Kastur or Sarika. Ask Sagar Arts also to be more authentic about CGM, and not just make up anything they feel like.

Also, how can the above claim w/ a straight face that ST broke the clutter of saas-bahu shows? The good non-saas-bahu shows that Imagine had, like KMH, RS and GkD, he sank, while the one disguised saas-bahu show that they had - namely BAVD - continues to this day. Even LD became a saas-bahu show b4 it was pulled, as did AkBA. Others - Jyoti was improving when the channel interfered in its plot, bringing in the horrible KZK plot, while Bandini happily was put out of its misery after several leaps & bounds. And Dharampatni - the idea of a woman waiting hand & foot on her husband and her MIL dictating to her what she can & can't do in the relationship - how's that not saas-bahu? Only improvement over Bandini is that hubby & wife are compatible ages. but not much else.2011-10-02 05:28:08
Historylover 8 years ago @ st fans
that's why it's written trp chart of last few weeks...not this week...there is a difference of s b/w week and weeks...if u can see
Amor. 8 years ago @ST786
see the way u r talking aapke Mr. ST yahi seekhate hai aapko ...u t proving to be an idiot speaking in such a manner ...lage raho mr. mummy papa ka naam roshan karo ... it shows ur class2011-09-30 23:37:40
.Vrish. 8 years ago ST786

DBSK has a good TRP only now - the first time since the serial started. I don't blame Tiwari, but rather Sagar Pictures for that. However, if you want to give him credit for bringing in shows like GkD and KMH2, then he also deserves the blame for busting them in favor of that stupid Ratan ka Rishta, when there was also available the 2 Paswan serials Luteri Dulhan and BAVD, as well as that 7-8 slot. Speaking of which, why would Ramayan need to be rerun, when it's available in DVD form as well as online to anyone who wants it? Also, the decision to move Rakt Sambandh to 7 o clock just sank that pretty good show, and what was that for? That stupid Zor ka Jhatka show.

Saurav could easily just as well have been a saboteur sent in from outside to sink this channel, and succeeded pretty well. Good name for his production house - Nautanki PH. He should co-star w/ Rakhi, and also try and draw in some other fatcats like Dolly Bindra, Ratan, SRK and so on. Idea for a first movie - follow the tracks of his serials by having love triangles or even quadrilaterals.
Its-My-Life 8 years ago @ST786.. It seems u r Stupid Suarav Tiwari PA... lage raho promotion main.. TRP says it all... Saurabh Tiwari has got fan club.. may be u r the only member on that fann club... Glad he is leaving Imagine Channel, Ab Sayad channnel Band hone se bach jaye ...
He should definetly take Rakhi Sawant in his Nautanki PH first movie2011-09-30 10:33:15
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