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Satrangi Sasural - A complete family entertainer!

Adapted from a regional show, Satrangi Sasural is a complete family oriented show and manages to capture the attention of the viewers quite well.

Published: Friday,Dec 19, 2014 13:59 PM GMT-07:00
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Satrangi Sasural

Monday to Friday at 10 pm on Zee TV

Producer: 24 Frames

Cast: Ravish Desai, Mugdha Chaphekar, Farida Jalal, Bhavana Balsawer, Sadiya Siddiqui, Resham Seth, Sheetal Thakkar, Sonali Sachdeva and Samta Sagar 

Story so far: A single word, dreaded by every girl- 'Mother-In-Law', so you can imagine Aarushi's (Mugdha Chaphekar) dilemma when she falls in love with Vihaan Vatsal (Ravish Desai) with not one but seven mothers. Set in Delhi, where Vihaan lives with his seven dotting mothers- Dadi Maa (Farida Jalal), Narmada Maa (Sonali Sachdeva) his biological Maa, Bua Maa (Sadiya Siddiqui), Chachi Maa (Bhavna Balsaver), Mini Maa (Resham Seth), Tai Maa (Samta Sagar) and Maasi Maa (Sheetal Thakkar). Vatsal household has a unique mix of India's vibrant culture as each of the mothers hail from diverse backgrounds and have their own individual personalities. Dadi Maa influences Vihaan in terms of having a mature point of view while tackling the problems of life, Narmada Maa, his biological mother, is his emotional anchor and coaches him on being sensitive to others. Bua Maa inculcates in him an intrinsic strength and the ability to stand up for what is right. Chachi Maa takes care of his diet and ensures he's eating right at all times. Mini Maa, being the fitness enthusiast she is, looks into his health and well-being. Tai Maa is his spiritual anchor, teaching him to stay connected with God and Maasi Maa is his intellectual guide who ensures that he excels in his career. Even after so much pampering, Vihaan isn't spoiled but has grown into a mature, sensitive person. All mothers have certain expectations from Vihaan's to-be-bride and its proving to be the biggest hurdle in Vihaan's marriage, since no girl wants to stay in a house with seven mother-in-laws!

Aarushi is a simple girl-next-door who works in a bank and earns a meager salary, but is the sole bread winner of her house and is extremely hard working. Aarushi's family too, is looking for a groom but her greedy father and brother want her to continue supporting them even after marriage, which is proving ruining wedding proposals for Aarushi. Vihaan and Aarushi meet each other by chance encounter. Vihaan gets impressed by this simple girl whereas Aarushi unaware of his true identity mistaken him as a driver. Aarushi is asked to meet the owner of Vatsala Wears, but she is apprehensive about the meeting, not knowing that driver' is the same Vihaan Vatsal'. A pundit surprises all seven mothers by informing them that Vihaan will be meeting a suitable girl before them. Vihaan again meets Aarushi who tells him that he doesn't look like a driver and also tells him that she needs to meet the owner of Vatsala Wears.

What works: Though the show is inspired from Zee's popular Marathi show "Honaar Sun Mee Hyaa Gharchi", the script has been modified to suit the audience at a national level. The concept of a girl having seven mothers-in-law is pretty interesting. The treatment given to mother-son relationship is different. It's pleasant to watch Farida Jalal as the matriarch of Vatsal family. Lead pair, Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar does a decent job. The casting of seven mothers with distinct personalities has been done really well.

What doesn't work: It looks like the lead pair is sidelined in an effort to establish other characters and their relationship with each other. Vihaan and Aarushi's love angle is yet to be discovered.

Our Take: A family drama complete with, not one but seven mothers-in-law and their equation with their only daughter-in-law will be amazing to watch. Many known faces like Farida Jalal and Bhavna Balsaver will be seen together on small screen after a long time, which in turn will attract viewers to watch this show. Looking at the success of the show's original (Honar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi - Zee Marathi), it was a wise decision by Zee to bring it on national television. Overall, viewers must be curious to see how Aarushi adapts to a joint family with seven mother figures for which we must wait and watch!!


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taneja.bhoomi 7 years ago Try Jabongworld for similar sarees and many more!
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Z.Samrin 8 years ago This show is rocking!

Ravish desai and Mugdha Chaphekar rocks!!

satrangi sasural rocks!
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Tabitha 8 years ago hope this show runs to see mughda always
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
A_for_Arpita 8 years ago

ArHaan Rocks!
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mehbeer09 8 years ago Tbis show is interesting ... Loving vihaan and arushi
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Renu111 8 years ago Mugdha chaphekar and Ravish Desai u r fantastic as aarushi and vihaan
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RosyRosh 8 years ago i like this show a lot theres something different for a change... diff set up and concept and the leads are really good actors.
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zaraman 8 years ago I like this show very much.satrangee sasural rocks. Ravish desai and mugdha chaphekar rocks
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A_for_Arpita 8 years ago Loving Satrangi Sasural :-)

Mugdha Chaphekar Rocks

Ravish Desai Rocks
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-RohitMaxwell- 8 years ago sweet show... but ppl are used to Sathiya Diya Yeh Rishta Balika vadhu... all the best
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