Satish Sharma breaks down on the sets of Aji Sunte Ho !

Renowned theater actor Satish broke down while shooting for the 'Punar Vivaah' special episode.

Published: Tuesday,Dec 20, 2016 14:55 PM GMT-07:00
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Zee TV's latest non-fiction property Aji Sunte Ho ...' celebrates togetherness of marital life between real married couples and beautifully captures the dynamics of their relationships, what binds them together, what brings about differences, how they makeup and so on. 

Renowned theater actor Satish Sharma, who plays the role of a host and mentor to the couples appearing on the show recently broke down while shooting for the Punar Vivaah' special episode where they discussed the challenges that lie ahead for people looking to re-marry. The guest couples shared their post-divorce experience, especially its impact on their children who go through the most traumatic experience of their lives. Listening to their heart-wrenching accounts left Satish emotional and teary-eyed. 

Not only the hosts but everyone present on the sets got emotional and the shoot was stalled for a half hour till everyone regained composure.

Satish Sharma shared, "We recently shot for an episode themed around Punar Vivaah' where the re-married couples narrated accounts of their first marriages that were troubled and also the difficulties they are still facing with their children who end up depressed. One of the wives cried her heart out stating that she is a helpless mother who cannot meet her child due to the laws and the custody being given to her ex-husband. I also have a 10-year-old son and I could totally connect to her emotions. The whole atmosphere got very charged with emotion. I tried fighting back my tears but I guess, we're all human and her situation touched a raw nerve. The director thought I was acting but then it was for real because only a parent can relate to the feelings of another. I am really lucky that I have a child and could identify with her pain as a result. This is what happens on a show like Aji Sunte Ho - One experiences everything ... the happiness of the couples as well as their sorrows."

Pranoti Pradhan who plays Mrs. Sharma in the show says, "Satish ji is a really strong actor and a happy-go-lucky person. But during the shoot for this episode, he really got very emotional. At first, he covered his face and then started weeping like we'd never seen before. Seeing him, everyone on the set got very serious. I have always seen him as a cheerful person but for the first time, I saw this side of him. I'm sure every parent in the audience will be similarly able to connect with our Punar Vivaah episode."

Get ready to witness the emotional sides of parents in the upcoming Punar vivaah' episodes of Aji Sunte Ho where hosts Mr & Mrs Sharma will chat with real life couples about the different aspects of re-marriage through their own good and bad experiences. 

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-purnima- 9 years ago All film rain songs have been sweet & romantic :) my fav have been "yeh sajish hai boondon ki"

Few that cud have been added to list

* Rimjhim rimjhim rumjhum rumjhum--1942 love story

* Saawan ke jhule pade --Jurmana

* Saawan barse--Dahek

*Bhage re man kahin-Chameli

* dekho zara dekho barkha ki jhadi --Yeh dillagi

* Gale Lag ja--De dana dan
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nikki.171 9 years ago Tip Tip Barsa Paani and Dekho Na are some of the evergreen rain songs.
Great list - all the songs really give you the rainy feel.
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ChickenSoup 9 years ago barso re megha megha...my all time favorite song. hats off to mr. rahman.
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shanak.hot 9 years ago This has all ny favorite rainy songs.
"Dekho na", "tip tip barsa pani", "barsaat ke din aaye"
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MissC 9 years ago Nice list :) All the songs are really good. I like nearly all of them :)
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xbeyondwordsx 9 years ago Ooh nice list! I would like to add Barsaat ke din aaye and tip tip barsa paani!
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her_story 9 years ago I would add Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein, Meethi Meethi Baaton Me... to the list.. :)
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DamRyeong 9 years ago "Paigaam laya saawan, daaman se bandh jaye daaman" - Lakeer - Forbidden Lines

"Rim jhim gire saavan, sulag sulag aaye mann" - Manzil

"Garaj baras saawan ghir aayo" - Paap

my fvts..n one from "ek vivaah aisa bhi"
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