Sasural Genda Phool handles blues and yellows with equal gusto!

The production house, cast and crew members of Sasural Genda Phool have cause for glee as well as glum; however they have been handling it in a professional sense and focusing only on the betterment of the show!

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Star Plus and Ravi Ojha's Sasural Genda Phool has been doing very well these days. Evidence of this fact is the recent high in its TRP. Sasural Genda Phool touched 3.18 when it comes to TRPs, a definite high for it so far. It's a good score when you go to see that it's not a prime time show, but an early evening one.

However, all this success hasn't been served with a silver spoon to the makers of the show. The producer, Ravi Ojha has been down with meningitis since the past two months. This phase was difficult for the other two pillars of the production team – Ravi's wife Mitali as well as the writer and co-producer Zama Habib. However, not giving into emotions they saw to it that the next episode was always better than the previous one.

The news of consolation is that Ravi Ojha is now on his road of recovery and will soon be discharged from the hospital.

In the coming episodes, we will see a marked change in the show thanks to the re-entry of actor Akshay Sethi. To the uninitiated, Akshay Sethi played the role of Radha Bua's (Sadiya Siddique) rapist. Radha Bua gets raped on her wedding night and the incident leaves her with a son. Her son is an exact replica of her rapist which is why she hates the sight of him and sends him to hostel. Now her outcast son would make a comeback.

According to our source, "Akshay Sethi will play the role of Deepak, Radha Bua's son. He will come to his home on occasion of his birthday hoping to get his share of his mother's love. He has no idea why she acts so spiteful with him. Further on, Deepak will play a major role in making the relationship between Radha Bua and Suhana (Ragini Khanna) better. However, the two females would hit rock bottom before they could see eye to eye. Suhana on the other hand plays an effective role in healing the mother-son's frayed bond."

"The show will now move to a more painful yet realistic phase. Radha Bua's heart will be opened to the younger generation so that they get a glimpse of her soft side. They would understand the reason why she was so clamped and hard earlier," says the source.

We spoke to Akshay Sethi who confirmed the news saying, "Yes I will re-enter the show. Last time I played the part of a thirty seven year old cold blooded rapist. However this time I will enter as Deepak. Deepak is a studious, clean hearted boy just aching for some affection and acceptance from his mother. He will also play a huge role in getting Suhana and his mother closer. Maybe it's because he could empathize with Suhana for being at the receiving end of his mother's negative emotions."

The co-producer cum writer Zama Habib (he and Mitali were deeply involved in the show's Bengali version too) throws more light on happenings of Sasural Genda Phool. He says, "We are very happy that the audience have accepted the show and brought it to the new levels when it comes to grossing TRPs. This hasn't come easy for us, so we will treasure this and work harder to give back to the audience more entertainment. After all it's the audience who makes a show successful. I would also like to thank Star because they have gone out of their way to promote our show in every way possible. They brought a widespread awareness about it."

When asked about Akshay Sethi's re-entry Zama said, "Yes, Akshay will enter the show this time as Deepak. His entry will take the show to new heights. He will be a catalyst in mending Suhana and Radha Bua's relationship. Now viewers will get to see a new facet of Radha Bua."

Zama has a humble request for the audience. "I request the viewers to shower the show with the same love. Also I ask them to pray for Ravi, so that he recovers speedily," Zama signs off.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

Author: Susan Jose


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ruexangel 10 years ago love this show...
so glad to hear about Ravi Ojhas recovery..
and this Radha Bua track is most intriguing,
I must say i love the way this show handles emotions and happenings, as it's so realistic!2011-01-13 11:00:08
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_Procrastinator 10 years ago agree wid u Vaibhav..!!!
Ragini truely roxx..!!!
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Vaibhav.sharma 10 years ago i like this show..it has no negativity..its awesome n of course Ragini rocks, whether its as Suhana, Bhaskar or Bharti...but she's Rocking n the BEST..2010-06-26 02:33:43
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blyton 10 years ago This is a sweet, clean and realistic show. I love the simplicity of the characters. Truly a breath of fresh air. Wish all TV shows were like this!
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zara_11 10 years ago i really like this show. I hope everything ends well!
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Julybaby22 10 years ago this is a nice show :)
hope the producer sahab gets well soon !
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mayur_bigfan 10 years ago this is the only show which i lyk on star plus..way to go Sasural Genda Phool!!!
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rockinMJHT 10 years ago well this show is awesome coz its totally different 4m those irritating sutpid and senseless family drama where all the female characters r seen in overdone makeup.................
way to go SGP!!!!!!!!
and of course ragini khanna is awesome..................
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Pirated_Fun 10 years ago I want the remake of EK AKASHER NICHE too.. i loved the character of Nandini
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Chahat17 10 years ago I really like this show. For the first time on tv..we get to see a show that's without evil schemes, twist n turns...mean saas bahu drama & all the melodrama that comes in soaps...
it's a fun light hearted show with a optimistic approach towards life. I hope more makers are inspired to make such shows like this in the future.
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