'SaReGaMaPa will continue to be Baap of Television' - Aditya Narayan

The young and dashing Aditya Narayan will enthrall the audiences with his anchoring once again in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge'09..Here is the heart-throb of millions in an EXCLUSIVE interview to India-Forums Telly Buzz...

Aditya Narayan, the heart-throb of millions is back to enthrall the audience with his anchoring in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge '09. Here is the anchor cum actor in an exclusive interview with our reporter Binita Ramchandani ...

How do you feel to anchor Sa Re Ga Ma Pa once again?
Feels great, this is my 3rd season for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and I couldn’t have asked for a better year. Challenge ‘07 was the number one show on Indian television for six months, Li’l Champs was again the number one reality show. I won 7 television awards, had a sold-out World Tour with dad, and now Challenge ‘09 is happening. It’s a season to watch out for, and the talent is better than last time, so you can expect fireworks. Mark my words Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will continue to be the 'Baap' of television, all thanks to the billions of loyal viewers.

Is there anyone who has helped you with anchoring tips, especially when you anchored Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for the first time?
Actually everyone, I would say!! I took tips from all over. When I started with anchoring, anything that came my way was a tip. When I was newly joining Sa Re Ga Ma Pa team, I also watched a few of the old Sa Re Ga Ma tapes and other anchors at work in other TV shows and then I realized it was a damn hard job! So I had to put in a lot of hard work.

Take us thro’ the beginning of your musical career…
I was 4 years old when I recorded a song for Mr. Anu Malik for the Aamir Khan starrer Akele Hum Akele Tum; it was a duet along with my father.

We have heard that you have signed for two movies, of which one is a Yashraj Banner. Can you please tell us about it?
As of now, I can say that I’ve been offered more than 60 films to date. There are a few I’m contemplating on. God willing, and my fans willing, I will sign soon.. very soon.

Do you feel that you are lucky to be born as a famous singer's son?
Isn’t every son proud to be a child of his parents? I am not different. People think it has its benefits. I just ask you, just because someone is a doctor’s son, does it mean that in order for him to become a doctor, he doesn’t need to go through the same procedure as his father? Or are they going to let him cut open someone’s body and operate just because he’s a Doctor’s son? Frankly speaking, there are no advantages, it’s just that your father has been in the industry and he is always there to share his wisdom and experience. Plus, I am an anchor and actor as well, so it’s completely different.

How much does your dad Udit Narayanji guide you?
The human being I am today is because of my father. The reason I love my work is him. The reason I want to achieve so much is him. And most importantly, whatever little good I have in me as a human being is because of him. There was no one to guide my father when he was a beginner, and it feels nice to have him with me now. Plus, I am almost 21 now. I am a man, and I need to start taking decisions for myself.

Tell us something about the relation that you share with the judges here in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?
There are three new judges this time around - Adesh, Shankar and Pritam. We have just started shooting, so we’ll only get to know each other better now. But so far they seem like very nice people.

You are sporting a totally different look. Who has been your inspiration to maintain this look?
In this world the competition is cut-throat. There are tons of good looking and talented people out there. I am sure there are millions who want to be in my place. I am not giving it away. Maintenance is Sustenance (smiles).

Did you always wish to be an anchor cum singer?
I love the entertainment industry on the whole. I am happy where I am, and I will be happy where life takes me. I am only a human who can at the most make best of the situation the almighty puts forth.

Lastly, a message for your India-Forums fans…
Thank you for the immense love and support. I promise you, this is just the beginning. I will keep working harder. Finally ‘Say no to drugs, drinks and dunhill(smoking I mean)’...

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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Comments (25)

The movie was superb!! and Hrithik was fantastic! Just amazing!

Again typo in this article as well..Jodha was shown born in Amer not Amber.

16 years ago

LOVELY!!! just awesome!!
Ash was perfect
n hrithik was just incredibleeee
i wanna watch it again
yep im still in that era toooo
just rocking........
ash n hrithik make the most hottest couple

16 years ago

its a great movie...must watch really :) hrithik n ash r amazing in this one!!

16 years ago

I saw the movie just few hours back and I am still in that era. It is an awesome movie, be it acting, direction, music, cinematography, casting or costumes. I can not imagine any one else but Hrithik and Aishwarya as Jodhaa-Akbar. Mind well..I do not like Aishwarya's acting in most of the movies and didn't not like HA pair in Dhoom. But this movie, they are perfect. I admire Aashutosh Gowarikar on taking up the story and turning it into a beautiful movie. There are so many scenes that stay in your mind for really long time. Go and watch the move..you have to see it on big screen. No amount of words can capture the greatness of the movie.

16 years ago

i saw the movie yesterday and loved it......i dont like ash's acting in most of her movies but i thing ashutosh has brought out the best in her in this movie.....hrithik was looking so charming and his acting was superb......a very cute lovestory i must say......naina

16 years ago

Awww he is sooo sweet!! Not to metion cute! :) I love his dads songs!! They are soo nice!! Also he is a good anchor and singer!!! Bst wshs for the shw!!!

15 years ago

he is a nice anchor, all the best for show

15 years ago

i love adii.... cant wait to see him in srgmp!!..

15 years ago

aww,I love Adi can't wait to see saregamapa,and I'm so glad he's the host again,I only watch the lil champs season because of him,and when is this starting?

15 years ago

Love Adi as host. He's the beast, so cute, funny, and charming.
Love his advice.
Can't wait to watch the show

Hope all his wishes come true and we get to see him in nice movies!

15 years ago

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