SaReGaMaPa preview- the Brahmastra round

This week showcases the search for two contestants who will join the already selected 10 contestants.


After all controversies having selected the contestants for Agnipariksha in the previous rounds, this friday the show moves towards the Brahmastra round where in there will be a search for two contestants who will join the already selected 10 contestants. After the public voting the very famous duo – Vishal Shekhar, the mentors of the Hit IT gharana get the chance to choose the two contestants among the six participants in the Brahmastra round who will later be joining their Hit squad for the finals.

Can there be any episodes without any controversies?? Well, atleast not this one.. Two contestants Aneek Dhar and Abhijeet Kosambi the winners of Bengali SRGMP and Marathi SRGMP are brought into the contest as wild card entries. Now the question arises on whether these contestants should be allowed to participate or not as it will be an injustice to other contestants who have crossed so many rounds and lot of struggling to get into the finals. It was said that the fate of these contestants will be decided using a lottery system by which they will get into any of the three remaining mentor’s gharana. After this controversy, Aneek Dhar gives a mind blowing performance and gets tremendous praise and appreciation from all the mentors.

If you are not satisfied with the controversy, you have something really exciting to look for. The heart throb of the millions of girls, the host Aditya gets kissed by one of his female fan from the audience Sejal while shooting for the show. He then gets badly teased by Ismail Darbar..

Now, what was Aditya’s reaction to it and what happened to the wild card entry participants, who are the contestants who have been selected for Brahmastra – is all to be watched for in the Friday’s episode..

To know all this and more about what were the performances stay tuned and watch Saregamapa Challenge 2007 on Friday at only on Zee TV

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Aneek Dhar

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Neetusxm 2007-08-27T19:50:41Z i expected so much from her...oh well... guess no luck in bollywood
Too_Much 2007-08-26T01:45:34Z She is really sweet........
i liked her in Mohabbatien except in few scenes :)
Mohsin Vahora
Mohsin Vahora 2007-06-29T17:52:13Z i was shockedddd i thought that the girl was stupid n she wasn't even charming as adi. do u guys agree with me or not
IBserenity 2007-06-29T15:59:18Z oo thanks for posting...can't wait to watch :D
-Pinky- 2007-06-29T11:23:36Z lol adi is blushing so hard!!
lucky girl
live_life 2007-06-29T11:15:48Z awwwwwwwwwwww i defo wanna watch this adi is sooo cute
ghetto_princess 2007-06-29T06:17:56Z haha i wochd dt on star news.. adi wos soo embarassed.. lolzz
b_queen 2007-06-29T05:59:41Z omg tht girl kissed adi..lucky girl i wish it ws me..lol
smritisonkar 2007-06-29T01:16:52Z jo hua acha nahi hua.this was just too vulger.i mean SRGMP ko apne TRP badne ke lea ye sab stunts nahi use karne chaheye.i think ki isse cut kar dena chaheye the.over all i had like to say ki what happen ...was wrong
-Krupa- 2007-06-29T00:51:30Z OMG..that girl is on cloud nine..ahh..i wish that was mee!..Adi's blushing soo bad!
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