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Sanjivani: Ishani Tries to Save a Terrorist’s Daughter Despite Vardhan’s Warning

As it is shown that the city is in chaos as a terrorist attack has happened and a lot of people’s lives are in danger...


Star Plus’ newly launched show Sanjivani is already becoming audience’ new favorite. With motley of old and new faces like Mohnish Bahl, Gurdeep Punj, Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna, Rohit Roy and Sayantani Ghosh, the show is still giving that classic vibe in a different way. In fact, the show also scored high on the TRP chart in the first week itself. 

Well, speaking about the ongoing storyline of the show, a major twist is on it’s way. As it is shown that the city is in chaos as a terrorist attack has happened and a lot of people’s lives are in danger. Team Sanjivani is already there on the crime spot trying to save people’s lives. 

Amidst all the hullabaloo, Dr. Ishani (Surbhi Chandna) happens to come across a little girl who is critically injured and stuck in a car, crying for help. After a lot of efforts, Dr. Ishani manages to break the door and get in the car. She notices that the girl needs to be rushed at the hospital, but suddenly the girl reveals that she is the daughter of the two suicide bombers responsible for the heinous crime. 

However, she still decides to rush her to the hospital and treat her. While on her way, people come to know the truth about the girl and criticize her for treating a terrorist’s daughter, even the media questions her but she stands strong on her decision. Seeing this, Vardhan gets tensed about Sanjivani’s reputation. In front of Dr. Ishani he gives a statement in media that as Doctors they will try to help the girl, but as soon as they leave he flips. Later, he stops Dr. Ishani from treating the girl and asks her to give the bed to Mr. Singhania. 

Well, despite Vardhan’s warning, Dr. Ishani treats the girl with the help of Sid. 

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Shelly_392 6 months ago That’s great! Dr Ishani aka Surbhi just nailed her performance in tonight’s episode. Story is getting intriguing everyday. Great going Sanjivani.
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