Sangeet Ceremony on the sets of Bhabhi with Varun and Rajeshwari!

Nach Baliye's favorite jodi Varun and Rajeswari grace the sangeet ceremony of Rishika and Rohit by rocking the sets of Bhabhi with their dance performance.Get to know more on the Special Episode!

The sets, cast and crew of Bhabhi are all set for the Sangeet ceremony between Rishika and Rohit. Fun grooves upon the actors of the serial as Suhana-Dev, Mandira-Samar and Rishika-Rohit all pair up to dance to the tunes of Salaam-E-Ishq. The viewers will be treated with a surprise performance in the 30 minute Special Sangeet Ceremony Episiode that will be aired. The Judges’ as well as Audiences’ Favourite in the Season One of Nach Baliye Contest, the real life couple - Varun Badola and Rajeswari Sachdev Badola will sizzle thro’ for a dance number, reviving the good old memories of the past.

Our Reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt reached the sets to know more on this exciting and fun filled scenario. She first caught up with Varun and Rajeswari to know if their role ends as the performers or does it continue in the serial to which Varun answered - "No, we're here only for the performance. Well, they called me and I’m here (laughs). We are performing on ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ from Don. Rajeshwari and I have done a lot of performances before, we have not really gone off the dance floor, we did Star Parivar awards and now here". His better half Rajeshwari decides to maintain the secrecy and commented – “I am not going to reveal much, other than - that yes, I am performing on the show. You'll catch more details about it on the 2nd of august at 1:30pm when the special episode will be aired. (Smiles)”

Ruccha Gujrati who plays the role of Suhaana, who is currently also playing the role of “Bhabhi” for Rishika is equally excited about this episode. All she wanted to say when she was asked about the ceremony is – “I am really excited for this half an hour special Episode. I am performing on Salaam E Ishq. It was hectic rehearsing the songs.” Talking about the recent track and the twists involved, Ruccha commented, “The track focuses on Rishika and Samar and how I help her out of it. Right now the family is focusing on Mandira and Samar's marriage too. So it's a big mess up, where Suhaana is trying to solve the issues of the house as she is the only one who knows almost everything.” When she was asked if the wedding is going to take place, she did not want to reveal and wanted to keep the suspense for the viewers to watch and in turn asked, “How can I reveal that? (laughter)”. Our reporter continued the conversation and asked her whether she is a satisfied actress playing Suhaana, “I am blessed doing Suhaana. It is such a versatile role. First a college going girl, then a wife, then carry off an extra-marital affair with her devar, then a completely different look when she began as a teacher in the 5 year leap.. After that in between, I did Lolita where I had to wear short skirts and hold a gun, etc. and then even playing a mentally challenged girl and now this track where I am playing a typical bhabhi. All these shades are so different and I've enjoyed doing all of them." Lastly, will we see Nihaal return in the main track: "Not as of now, as we are just on my sister-in-law getting married track, I don't know when Nihaal will be back, but I know for sure that Nihaal will create issues between Dev and Suhaana, something like Dev suspecting Suhaana is in store, but that too I am not really sure yet when that will happen. Lets see."

Well, having talked our heart out with all the stars present, its time now to catch up with the girl getting married, Rishika.. Poonam Joshi kept the suspense alive about her ongoing Sangeet ceremony and commented “I can’t reveal anything about the track right now. But yes, as you can see, we have been shooting for the dance sequence; it’s been a very hectic day."

So this is it from the Grand Sangeet Bash to happen in Bhabhi. An afternoon lit with Foot-Tapping Song and Dance Numbers is just around the corner !! Do not forget to watch this colorful and musical episode of Bhabhi on 2nd August at 1.30 PM only on Star Plus.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Anu.rad

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handsome varun badola

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is this possiable if u guys put the bahibil from the begining.

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Lovely article!Excellently writen! Wow! Varun and Rajeshwari dancing again!!! This wud be interesting.

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