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Samrat to harass Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki!

Zee TV's popular show Doli Armaanon Ki is coming up with an interesting sequence.

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Spellbound Productions' Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV is becoming more engrossing day by day with its twists and turns. Ever since Samrat has come to know about Umri's residence, he is trying all possible ways to bring her back to take his revenge from her.

Now he will take away Shaurya from the school without even informing Urmi.

Our source says, "Samrat (Mohit Malik) knows it very well that Urmi (Neha Marda) loves Shaurya, he is the only one she has in her life and so she cannot bear anything wrong happening to him. As Shaurya is Urmi's life, Samrat he has started troubling the kid to harass Urmi. So when Shaurya returns from school by giving his exams Samrat takes him away." 

Adding further our sources say, "When Urmi reaches school to pick Shaurya she becomes very tensed and disappointed on not finding him in the school. After reaching home she finds Shaurya in the room with Samrat. Samrat warns and scares Urmi by saying her that he can go to any extent to being her back in his life even by kidnapping his son Shaurya."

Will Samrat be successful in fulfilling his evil deeds? Will Urmi go back and leave with Samrat?

To know more keep reading the above space.

Phalguni Sharma


Neha Marda Mohit Malik Doli Armaanon Ki  Zee TV 

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amreen2000 6 years ago This track is dragging, please bring back ishan character who should fall in love with urmi getting tired of this stupid track bring some changes fast.
myrah13 6 years ago Samrattt...we love mohit malik...dont make him sooo bad...
luvbbat 6 years ago Same old, same old. When will Samrat stop and why can't Urmi do the sensible thing and go to the police. She needs to file for a divorce, seek Saurya's custody, and sue for alimony and ruin his reputation.
aasmaan 6 years ago This is gign on for too long .. when will this end
stranger.67 6 years ago Can we see something better then this chua billi khel? May I know why Urmi is not taking police help! He already has a file in there! Its as simple is that! CV is dragging everything like no tomorrow!2014-09-30 11:55:44
samrudhi.r 6 years ago Urmi will triumph. Or else what is the take away lesson if she succumbs to his threats.
Thesunny9001 6 years ago so wasted my time to read that article UPPS Samrat is evil again is that new!?
suresh555 6 years ago Now please send back the writers to La la land's mental asylum. Though I have stopped watching this demented show, even reading about it gives me creeps
ven 6 years ago We need something new! Please I am tired with the same track over and over!
RoshiniManeet 6 years ago what else was Samrat doing to Urmi all this while.. Please add "As Usual" to your title
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