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Samarth to confront Raj in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya!

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is soon gearing up with an interesting track where Samarth will confront Raj and will ask him about his feeling for Avni.

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Rajan Shahi's popular show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya will soon come with an interesting sequence to keep the viewers hooked to the show.

As seen in the current track Raj (Mishkat Varma) is trying hard to make Avni (Kanchi Singh) realize her love for him and not for Samarth (Navi Bhangu) but all his efforts have been futile. Now Raj has made a plan to make Avni feel jealous. Thus as reported earlier about the new entry of Payal in the show, she will be shown as Raj's college friend and to make Avni feel jealous he will purposely propose to Payal.

Our reliable sources say, "Avni will become jealous and her behavior towards Payal (Prema Mehta) will change in the show. Whenever she will see or meet Payal, she will react in a way that audience will come to know about her jealousy and this will make Raj and Payal very happy as they are succeeding in their plan."

The source further adds, "As Avni is unaware about Raj's love and is not able understand his love for her, but somebody else will understand Raj's feeling and will confront him and that person is Samarth. Samarth is also trying hard to impress Avni but fails every time due to Raj's interruption and his possessiveness towards Avni. Thus soon in an upcoming track Samarth will confront Raj and will ask about his feeling for Avni and Raj will accept the fact that he loves Avni."

What will be Samarth's reaction on this? Will he help Raj or will he fight for Avni? To Know more keep reading the space. 

Neha Jain


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Sammy11 6 years ago Raj Raj Raj
Raj Raj Raj
Raj Raj Raj
Raj Raj Raj
Raj Raj Raj
tina_sre 6 years ago Can't wait 4 d cricket match...Raj wid d trophy and Avni...Gud luck!
Noura18 6 years ago Love you Mishkat Varma!! Hope you win the cricket match :)
MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago IF... aap thora late ho gye LOL
Sammy11 6 years ago Raj ... ja apni Avni jo jeetle!! We are with you!!!
shanaya28 6 years ago Navi you rocked as Agam and you doing a brilliant job as Samarth..keep it up ...
luv_kriya 6 years ago awesummm trackkk !
APHG alll da way !!!!!!
Sammy11 6 years ago Wow! Superb track...waiting for it..

Sam will challenge Raj for cricket match.. winner will take the girl (Avni) sam and raj go to prime time serials on zee and gather a team to play..

I hope Raj win!
Why wont they add new photo of Samarth, in the above one he look like a ...Don!... Lol...2014-05-17 02:27:28
ParAnJas 6 years ago Omg woww...waiting for thsi Track since so long... Raj finally open up in front of Sam... Good going
Mishkat Varma and Aur pyaar ho gaya rocks
rose-girl 9 years ago Diya is very underrated! I mean she is waaay more prettier thn Deepika and Sonam!:)
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